Washable Cat Diapers, Stud Pants

Feline Diapers, aka Stud Pants, designed for incontinent elder cats, female cats in heat (piddling cats) and spraying male cats.

Saffron is my 14 year old spayed female Bengal cat. She started having urinary accidents outside the box about 6 months ago. I am a veterinarian, and I have run numerous diagnostics, only to determine she is developing feline cognitive dysfunction which cannot be cured or reversed. Barkertime diapers have been wonderful. They keep our house clean and help me care for my aging best friend. I was skeptical that they would stay on, but she hasn’t been able to take them off yet. She jumps, runs, and plays as normal.”

Megan Hardy, DVM
Saffron, 14-year-old Bengal cat

Does your cat piddle or spray everywhere in the house? Is your cat getting older and starting to have accidents due to incontinence? With our cat diapers, you will be able to protect your furniture and floors and enjoy having your cat with you in the house again. Made with the highest quality material, Barkertime®  cat diapers are washable, reusable, super absorbent and leak proof. More importantly, they stay on, so you can let your pet roam freely in the house without any accidents again!


Perfectly hand-crafted diapers for cats with incontinence issues, female cats in heat (piddling cats) and spraying male cats. Each diaper is thoughtfully designed with multiple layers of protection, giving you peace of mind and your pet comfort during “messy” times. Available in hundreds of fun prints and designs for your stylish cat.


For the most talented escape-artist cats! Protect your home from your cat’s spraying, incontinence and during heat periods. Perfected hand-crafted so you’ll have peace of mind and your pet is most comfortable.


Addressing the age-old issue when it comes to spraying and urinary incontinence in cats: You want to contain the urine or vaginal discharge during your cat’s heat cycle in the diaper, but do not want to contain the poop inside, and instead let her defecate normally in to the litter box.

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