Our female Frenchie, Blueberry, struggles with incontinence – so she wears panties in the house. When we adopted our boy Loki 2 weeks ago, we knew they needed matching belly band/panties! They fit beautifully, and we especially love the purple velvet lining!


Here is Blueberry enjoying her pretty new panties … do you think they make her look French? Oui oui Blueberry! Thanks again Barkertime, they fit perfectly

Blueberry in doggie diapers - Seattle, WA

We just got the products today and are loving them already. Cleo hated the disposable paper diapers and they really restricted her movement. Her Barkertime underwear don’t stop her from playing or running around with her (undiapered) sister at all. In fact, it was tough to get a picture of her because she could be her usual bouncy self. Thank you, Barkertime! I am already grateful for the time and energy you’ve saved me cleaning the floor, changing linens, and otherwise cleaning up after Cleo, and we are all happy when she’s happy!

Cleo - Washington, DC

My Bailey is a Maltipoo pup. She is about 11 months old and when she was about 6 months old we realized she has a problem called ectopic ureters. This causes her to be incontinent. She goes outside like a regular pup but she constantly is dribbling. I’ve tried every diaper there is. Walmart has disposable diapers for a decent price but they are always out of stock. Petco also has disposable diapers but they are way over priced. We go through them so quickly. I’ve also tried reusable diapers from Petco and Amazon but they never seem to fit right. These diapers from Barkertime have really helped me out. They fit perfectly and she is usually kept pretty dry. I also got the reusable inserts and I think they work well. Thank you Barkertime you’ve been a big help

Maltipoo pup - Greenville, NC

My goldendoodle Stormy is 14 years old and has become incontinent particularly when she’s sleeping. I have tried diapers from the local pet stores but they didn’t fit well and rubbed her hips. These diapers are well worth the money because they fit perfectly and keep my carpets clean. She’s happy and I’m happy. Thank you Barkertime for the great product.

Barkertime Dog Diapers
Stormy wearing Barkertime Dog Diapers
Barkertime Dog Diapers
Stormy wearing Barkertime Dog Diapers

Goldendoodle Stormy - San Diego, CA

Day 11 since surgery. PeeJama is covering 20 staples and keeps him e-collar free during recovery

Blazer in PeeJama - Commerce, MI

My pup (Gulliver) began marking inside of the house right before our vacation in September, over labor day. I was worried about the rental property, -and that is when I first purchased. The prints are fun and I was in a suck it up mode…since returning from vacation- have had many labs, blood work, urine screens… done to determine WHY my dog is marking in the house. Too much testosterone?  – etc… he is neutered-shouldn’t be happening. Gulliver is on his second round of antibiotics…some off blood work- and  to rule out kidney issues. He has some markers that make it a little worrisome. I am crossing my fingers… am hoping he’s just a jerk with behavior problems-(and  apparently lame training from me)…but, this product has made me able to love him through it/ and despite it… as I was going to murder him for peeing all over my house- on multiple chair legs, end tables and even in my shoes. Just wanted to say thanks.

Gulliver - Collegeville, PA

Waylon with his new drag bag from Barkertime!

Red Argyle Drag Bag for Paralyzed Dog

Drag Bag

This is Lucy Anne. She is a 10 year old northern Montana ranch-born, California raised, Collie/Border Collie mix. She is a good girl who unfortunately suffers from Cushing’s and doggie lupus. But she is still our fiercely protective lick you to death sweet girl. She is modeling the latest in doggie diaper and suspender fashion. She loves them! She gets excited to see them and waits patiently to be dressed. She then prances around for all to see.

Border Collie modeling the latest in doggie diaper and suspender fashion

Lucy Anne is modeling the latest in doggie diaper and suspender fashion - Tehachapi, CA

Great quality. Easy to use and easy to clean. Pricey but very nice in comparison. I have both male and female products and am very pleased with both.

Great quality. Easy to use and easy to clean - BURLINGTON, VT

Saffron is my 14 year old spayed female Bengal cat. She started having urinary accidents outside the box about 6 months ago. I am a veterinarian, and I have run numerous diagnostics, only to determine she is developing feline cognitive dysfunction which cannot be cured or reversed. Barkertime diapers have been wonderful. They keep our house clean and help me care for my aging best friend. I was skeptical that they would stay on, but she hasn’t been able to take them off yet. She jumps, runs, and plays as normal.

Megan H., VMD

Saffron - Cat Diapers - Barkertime

Barkertime cat diapers have been wonderful - Iowa

Dear Barkertime,

We all know potty training is no easy feat when you don’t have a private yard to take your new puppy out to. Our puppy, Red understands the potty pad, but has had a few accidents in unwanted places. So to avoid this from happening, we gave the washable dog diaper a try. After receiving the diaper, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality and cute pattern. It’s such a relief to be able to play with her anywhere in the house and let her wander around without jumping each time she wants to take a seat somewhere. While we haven’t mastered everything ‘puppy’ just yet – at least we’ve mastered this with your help! The washable dog diaper has been a life-changer, so thank you!

Amanda + Red

Washable Dog Diapers - Red the Pup - Barkertime

The washable dog diaper has been a life-changer - Long Beach, CA

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