“Nidabell is 13. This beauty can no longer hold it so we hit up Barkertime. Our carpets are staying clean and Nidabell is looking so fashionable.”

– Joshua H. (Rapid City, SD)

pug dog diaper

So fashionable

“Really thankful for this product!”

– Corey R. (Midland, MI)


“I love this Barkertime diaper. It keeps him dry and he likes it.”

– Myriam C. (Newport News, VA)

dachshund dog diaper

Keeps him dry

“The best! Only thing that has stayed on Ollie. He can happily sleep in the bed again without leaking urine!”

– Kaleigh F. (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Happily sleep in the bed again

“Thank you Barkertime. You may have solved my challenge with my special pup. She is paralyzed in her two hind legs and can’t stand. She has been able to get out of all the other diapers I’ve purchased. You were my last resort. She’s in an extra small but I think we’ll try the small too (she’s in between sizes). Thank you!”

– Maryellen Z. (Los Angeles, CA)

chihuahua dog diaper

My last resort

“Hi – I recently took in a new foster gal and it turns out sadly that she’s a hospice foster. Because of her myriad of health issues she needs to pee *often* and we’ve been searching for solutions for the 3 weeks she’s been with us. I was so happy to find Barkertime products and tried out a sampling to see if they worked and indeed they’re working great. Here’s a pic of Luna (I call her Looney Tunes or Loony Lovegood) sporting her harness with suspenders and her diaper cover. ”

– Lisa M. (Chelsea, MA)

pug dog diaper harness suspender

Myriad of health issues

“After herniating a disc which has left her paralyzed, going through surgery & almost enduring 2 months of crate rest, Zoey LOVES being able to share the bed with her “big brother” Poppy again. My baby is a ball of energy and these diapers allow her the freedom to play without “potty limitations” again. I will definitely be buying a few more pairs.”

– Tera B. (Noblesville, IN)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

The freedom to play without “potty limitations”

“Here is a picture of a very annoyed cat in his new Barkertime diaper. His name is Streak, which originally was because I only saw a blur, now it has another meaning.”

– Maggie E. (Reno, NV)


“Harley’s back legs are paralyzed so he crawls to get around on the floor. He was always dragging his diapers off. Wish I would’ve found Barkertime overall a few months ago. Love them”

– Tammie W. (Moundsville, WV)

dachshund dog diaper

Love them

“Xerxes is a 3 legged dachshund who became paraplegic (monoplegic?) after his 2nd back surgery. He doesn’t even care :)”

– Anna L. (Austin, TX)

He doesn’t even care

“No more marking! His name is Zeus. He’s been in the doghouse for about the last ten years due to constant marking (despite being spayed since he was 6 weeks old). He’s been on every medication the vet can think of and every one works for a couple months and then stops working. At this point the vet was out of ideas and I just happened upon your website. I could not see how this diaper would work – I thought I’d never be able to get it on him by myself, and I was convinced he’d be miserable and chew it off. I am AMAZED. He’s somewhat confused about it and keeps licking it but does’t seem overly distressed and MY anxiety level is at the lowest it’s been in years! So thanks!”

– Donna A. (Randolph, NJ)

cat diaper stud pants cat diaper stud pants

No more marking!

“Here’s our 10 year old rescue beagle Pixie in one of Barkertime dog diapers!”

– Shirley J. (Saluda, NC)

wiener dog diaper


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