Turtle is a True Heinz 57! He is a mix of Shetland Sheepdog, Pomeranian, Chihuahua and Rat Terrier. He was born with Spina Bifida, but don’t let that fool ya, he still is the quickest dog on the block. He is incontinent and these overalls allow this little man to stay happy and clean. Thank You Barkertime”  – Stacie W. (Bluffdale, UT)

These overalls allow this little man to stay happy and clean - Bluffdale, UT

“This is Roxy Barker and she is almost 12 🙂 The diaper works great! Thank you for saving our sanity and our hardwood floors!”

– Kristen B. (Alamo, CA)

The diaper works great! - Alamo, CA

“I thought this diaper was too expensive but have been so frustrated trying to find or make the right diaper that I decided to take a chance. It is AMAZING – I am thrilled!! I run a non-profit Senior Dog Sanctuary so this is just the answer to my prayers. Worth every penny!!!” – Sherry P. (Gaithersburg, MD)

Worth every penny! - Gaithersburg, MD

“The overalls are very well made. They are a little pricey, but the quality justifies the price. Rocky has fecal incontinence due to surgery, so he is wearing a men’s Depends
underneath with a very carefully cut tail hole!”

– Jane H. (El Paso, TX)

The diaper overalls are very well made. - El Paso, TX

Teddy is paralyzed in the lower half of his body following a traumatic incident in his native country of Iran where his back was broken when someone beat him with a garden spade. Thanks to some amazing volunteers in Iran & Canada, he now has a great life here on Vancouver Island. Amazingly, Teddy is handi-capable – full of life and joy, and shows no lack of love towards other humans. He is re-gaining some movement in his hind legs but will likely remain incontinent

– Anne P. (Sidney, BC, Canada)

Teddy is a handi-capable dog from Iran - Sidney, BC, Canada

We love your dog diapers! We have bought the cheap ones on amazon that comes in four packs and they slide right off after a few minutes of wear, but these stay on, and I love that there are so many cute fabrics to choose from! Our little Shih Tzu, Lucy, looks very fashionable in then.

– Sarah P.

We love your dog diapers - Independence, MO

The diapers have been really good for all of us. Sebastian was spraying a lot and we had to keep him locked away in a small part of the house. Now he has free reign of the whole house again and he struts around in his stylish diapers. Thanks. Dan

The diapers have been really good for all of us

“Your dog diapers and suspenders are absolutely the best in quality, design, and functionality! My 11 year old pug and I thank you for these awesome products! They are worth every penny spent on them 😊” – Lynda B. (Orange, CA)

Best in quality, design, and functionality - Orange, CA

My beautiful Ruby has had troubles in her golden years with controlling her bladder…this saves my floors and time and fits her and stays on perfectly!! Big win….we love it!

– Mahtob J. (Chesapeake, VA)


“Hope is a purebred German Shepherd who was born with Spina Bifida. She is uniquely shaped due to her missing several vertebrates in her lumbar region. She is also incontinent. These Barkertime diaper overalls provide comfort and allow her to stay dry for longer periods. Love this product.”
– Stacie W. (Bluffdale, UT)

Hope, a German Shepherd with Spina Bifida

“The fit is amazing! So glad I don’t have to watch him 24/7 worrying about the diaper coming off!”

– Chelsea G. (Ladson, SC)

Jack – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Absolutely wonderful products! Barkertime Escape-Proof Overalls have saved my home and my patience!! We have three Cockapoos: Bessie and her parents Shyloh and Oscar, and one Boston Terrier named Jake. I place a nighttime Poise pad inside each overall so that when there is an accident, I just dispose of the pad and place a new one. This saves a lot of time and wear and tear to the washing machine. I purchased the overalls about one year ago. They actually wait for me to “get them dressed” after returning from outside. As one can probably guess from the photo, they are all quite comfortable wearing the overalls and sleep peacefully.
Thank you Barkertime!

Mary K. (Hoffman Estates, IL)

Barkertime Escape-Proof Overalls have saved my home and my patience

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