“We have multiple Barkertime diapers, 6 total including these! I am more than pleased with these! Barkertime has been AMAZING during heat cycle and for my male that wants to mark in the house!”

Randi K. (Greenbrier, AR)

More than pleased with these

“This is Pépé in his new Barkertime overalls. He has Spina bifida and is poop and wee incontinent. As he is a boy, it is always challenging at the front area. Pépé is a rescue dog in foster care with me.”

Christine S. (Brighton, Victoria, Australia)
english bulldog dog diaper
english bulldog dog diaper
english bulldog dog diaper

Challenging at the front area

“Barkertime diapers are saving our house while still allowing quality time with our big boy Jensen the Interceptor!”

– Monica G. (Grand Junction, CO)
cat diaper pull-up

Jensen the Interceptor

“Frankie is living her best life thanks to Barkertime escape-proof diapers!”

Rene M. (Lambertville, NJ)

Her best life

“This Barkertime Diaper Overall has been wonderful! Chloe took to it immediately & can now roam freely in the house with no accidents. Product is as advertised- escape proof, she cannot get out if it!! Fabric is soft, Velcro placement is perfect & it fits her very well. Thank you!!”

– Vicki L. (Prospect, KY)
french bulldog dog diaper

Can now roam freely in the house with no accidents

“The first picture is immediately after we put Barkertime diaper overall on Asher, our 6 month old sphynx. The second is when he realized he had it on 😜 SUPER easy to use although we expect it to take him some time to get used to walking with it. For now, we enjoy the entertainment.”

– Tammy H. (Homosassa, FL)
sphynx cat diaper overall
sphynx cat diaper overall

SUPER easy to use

“Bentley doesn’t seem to mind the Barkertime belly band whatsoever! No more markings on my furniture!”

– Michelle P. (Sharon, MA)
dog belly band

No more markings

“I ordered it for Benito a paralyzed rescue at Hound Haven of Lone Pine. He would tear off other diapers but the Barkertime works great!! He needs another for indoor winter weather”

– Bethany B. (Washington, PA)

The Barkertime works great

“Tobie wears his Barkertime stud pants so we can prevent unwanted litters and spraying! He doesn’t mind and rocks them with pride.”

– Alisha V. (Hoquiam, WA)
cat diaper stud pants

Rocks them with pride

“4 m old French bulldog her name is Penelope she was born with incontinence to both bowels And bladder. But she doesn’t let that stop her she has the best personality and she is such a clown lol”

– Jennifer A. (Stow, OH)

The best personality

Finally found something Vanitas can’t immediately escape out of and he’s reached the bargaining stage of denial. Super adjustable and I will be a purchasing another Barkertime!

Krystin V. (Yulee, FL)
corgi dog diaper overall

Bargaining stage of denial

What a great diaper. It’s perfect for my cat Squirtle

Stephanie S. (Phoenix, AZ)
cat diaper stud pants
cat diaper stud pants
cat diaper stud pants


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