I’m Betty Boop from Coconut Creek, FL and I love my new Barkertime diaper!!!

Betty Boop
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper

Love my new Barkertime diaper

I’m so happy these are available for Yogi! He was able to wiggle out of his diapers before we got this Barkertime diaper overall. Total game changer for our family!! Please don’t stop making these.

– Lori A. (Hutchinson, MN)
french bulldog dog diaper

Please don’t stop making these

Both my dog Philip and my quality of living has improved so drastically since we invested in the wiggle free diaper overall. This is his second one (his first one got stolen!) it keeps him dry and means we can cuddle. Before Barkertime nappies he couldn’t sleep with me or sit on my knee, which broke both our hearts.
Thank you for making a product that restores peace of mind, comfort and bonded pairs like Philip and I back to cuddles day and night.

– Sarah V. (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
dachshund weiner dog diaper
dachshund weiner dog diaper

Keeps him dry and we can cuddle

“I thought you would enjoy seeing Cliff (11 yrs old, 15 lbs) in what I call his tactical travel gear. Lol He’s wearing the Barkertime diaper pull-up size large and I think I’ve managed to get a reasonably good fit thanks to your assistance. We’ll be trying the new tac pants on Tuesday when we fly from Myrtle Beach, SC to Seattle, WA with a 2 hr. drive to Sequim, so fingers crossed!”

Tracy T. (Myrtle Beach, SC)
cat diaper pull-up

Tactical travel gear

This is our Sally, she is a 15.5 year old Golden Retriever wearing her first diaper from Barkertime, she is doing great, less anxious in the house and is sleeping through the night!

Teri K. (Bethany Beach, DE)
golden retriever dog diaper

Sleep through the night

She loves it so much!!

Asta A. (New York, NY)
english bulldog dog diaper


large dog diaper

Hello! This is Ellie. Ellie was diagnosed with bladder cancer about 6 months ago. She is 11 years old and there’s nothing other than pain medications that we can give her to treat this. The last 6 months she has been progressively getting worse with urine incontinence. She has about ruined my house. I was at my wits end with buying diaper after diaper, diaper suspenders, this and that “guaranteed to work” and then I came across Barkertime. Still skeptical because nothing has worked. Even tried surgery teeshirts with diapers underneath, which so far worked the best but still leaked. Anyways I was worried about the cost of a dog diaper so I emailed your customer service asking about a return policy for when this thing didn’t work. Within hours I had a reply, which I was very pleased about. Well it arrived today, one day earlier than expected, and let me tell you how happy I am. I would buy your product 100x over again!!! Ellie is actually happy and playing because she isn’t so uncomfortable with saggy, bulky, tight messes that we have been dealing with. And she filled up a pad today with ZERO leaks!!!! I know it’s a diaper and I am weird for being this excited, but this is life changing. This issue we have had, has brought me to tears the last 6 months! Hard on a marriage when the dog you adore is ruining your house and you can’t figure out how to fix it! I know she is terminal, but now I can enjoy her last days, weeks or hopefully years and not be so stressed!!! I can buy new carpet and not be afraid!!!! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so very much for making this product.

Jayme and Ellie Y. (Eighty Four, PA)

Filled up a pad today with ZERO leaks

I am very happy with the Barkertime diapers we received, specially with the one Catarina is using in the photos I am sharing: she looks so cure! 🙂 I am also very happy with the quality and the product, very good cost value. I am just hoping she won’t grow too fast lol

Bruno M. (Dublin, Ireland)
dachshund dog diaper
dachshund dog diaper
dachshund dog diaper

Very happy with the quality

Rocky is a rescue he has spina bifida so he has incontinent issues. The previous owners left him at a kill shelter because of it. The Barkertime diapers are great such a game changer not having a mess on the floor constantly and he likes wearing them. He is such a love bug so glad I adopted him. My other 3 rescues love him.

Regina O. (Davenport, FL)
english bulldog dog diaper
english bulldog dog diaper

Such a love bug

Lola is an 11 year old French Bulldog. He she developed issues with her hind legs a few years ago and is now barely able to use them, and this affects her bladder control too. She has to be in diapers due to this, but if she is left alone she can sometimes wriggle out of them. The Barkertime escape proof diaper overalls are amazing for her. They fit perfectly, they aren’t tight around her neck or bladder etc and she seems very comfortable in them. And, she looks SO cute in them! I wish we had found these earlier. Thank you!”

– Drew W. (Wonder Lake, IL)

Wish we had found these earlier

Just sending a picture of our foster babe , Scooter sporting his Barkertime gear! Thank you for this product. It has been an absolute game changer in his care ❤️

Emily P. (Springfield, OH)

Absolute game changer in his care

Our dachshund is almost 14 years old with back problems and these diapers have been amazing.  Sometimes he doesn’t even know he is piddling and sometimes he sleeps so soundly he doesn’t wake up to go, so the diapers definitely have kept us from having to wash his bed/blankets every day.  Everyone thinks he is adorable in them and I tell everyone about your product since they have really been a game changer in our household.

– Crystal C. (Christiansburg, VA)

Sometimes he doesn’t even know he is piddling

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