“I had tried small doggie diaper they slid right off. I saw Barkertime & I ordered cheetah washable cat diaper pull up and disposable diaper liners. I put them on my 19 year old cat who forgets where to pee. They stayed on from the moment I put them on her. She walked out on the deck to sit in the sun, climbed up on her window seat, came & ate & these never came off! She did pee thru the pad so I will double up on them & order more! Thanks for these as it has been very Frustrating for all!”

– Donna K. (Newton, NJ)

cat diaper stud pants cat diaper stud pants

Thanks for these

“Juno is able to stretch out again with her new big girl panties! Also she has yet to Houdini her way out of them and we have yet to experience a leak. I’ve recommended your item to others! Thank you for making a great product!”

– Angela J. (Philadelphia, PA)

Terrier shepherd dog diaper Terrier shepherd dog diaper Terrier shepherd dog diaper

New big girl panties

“Hi, I’m Bennie. I am a 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier that is now a Little Miss. Mom found me some hand me down Barkertimes ahead of time but they are still a bit big so she ordered me a mystery pair of overalls and these are working perfectly! I am being a very good girl and love my Barkertimes! Mom was thrilled with the choice you made for me, thank you for making these few weeks such a calm success♥️”

pitbull dog diaper

A calm success

“Here is a photo of Hugo, sporting his Barkertime escape proof diaper… this product has really been a life saver!”

– Stephanie S. (Columbus, OH)

french bulldog dog diaper

Life saver

“I have tried everything for Stella who has lost use of her hind legs. Barkertime diaper overalls are the only ones that stay on her. I’m going to order more”

– Patricia K (Richmond, TX)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Tried everything for Stella

“We are so pleased with this product. Our girl went into her first cycle and before finding Barkertime, we tried so many other products that there was just no comparison to yours. You took the time to double check her measurements to make sure we were ordering the right size and shipped it asap. We received it within a couple of days into her cycle. Its THE absolute best. Stays on, keeps pads/diapers in place, no leaks, no slips, and definitely escape proof. 🙌 Unlike the other products we had used in the couple of days before we used yours. Its easy on and off too which is VERY important for potty breaks. I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you for understanding our pets needs and making a product that WORKS!! 🙌”

– Dawn S. (Nashville, TN)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Our girl went into her first cycle

“We love our Barkertime diapers. Max has been able to escape out of all the competitors’ diapers, but not these. It has given us peace of mind that any little “oopses” will stay where they are supposed to. After 3 months, no leaks yet!”

– Brigette S. (Oshkosh, WI)

english bulldog dog diaper

After 3 months, no leaks yet!

“This is our Pebbles! She is 6 months old. Loves Barkertime!”

– ES. (Mountain Home, ID)

french bulldog dog diaper

Loves Barkertime

“This is my second order. I love these products! I have a very challenging dog when it comes to potty training. I can put these garments on and have confidence she won’t sneak and go potty wherever she wants.”

– Tammie V. (Kalamazoo, MI)

dog recovery suit peejama

Confidence she won’t sneak

“Being new to the paralyzed dog world, it’s been somewhat challenging to find products that work. The escape proof diaper has been such a game changer and it has been so helpful in keeping my dog Baxter clean while still being able to move around the house. Thank you!”

– Katie B. ( East Northport, NY)

boston terrier dog diaper boston terrier dog diaper

Challenging to find products that work

“I just received Bennie’s Barkertime diaper in the mail and it’s already made such a huge difference in her comfort. I attached a before photo for reference of the diaper contraption we had to resort to before Barkertime, and it was not pretty. Bennie has a very unusual body shape, so keeping a diaper on her has been next to impossible. Her Barkertime diaper is so adjustable that I can get it to fit even her odd shape. She’s already infinitely more comfortable than she has been. I’m so glad I found this diaper and will definitely be ordering more.”

– Elizabeth P. (Stanwood, WA)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Keeping a diaper on next to impossible

“Ethne Isabeau Rue is a 6.5 yo 20lb french bulldog, suffering from ivdd and myocardiopathy edema. Some days are better than others, but on off days we have an assortment of Barkertime outfits in medium size to make life easier.”

– Kay L. (Massena, NY)

french bulldog dog diaper overall

Some days are better than others

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