“Kirby is actually my boyfriend’s dog and they have recently moved in with me. Kirby likes to pee in the house! We use the diapers when he is home alone during the day. He was peeing through his diaper and get urine on my couch and other furniture. I found your diaper online and I think that they are awesome! Extremely well made and waterproof! I line them with a Maxie pad and they work great! No more urine on the furniture! We are watching my boyfriend’s aunt’s dog for a month and he also likes to mark in the house .The first night he was here I ordered him his own diaper and will send it home with him in November.” – Laurie L. (Woodbury, MN)

Extremely well made and waterproof - Woodbury, MN

Missy is a 17 year old chiweenie who has dementia. She is also very skilled at getting out of collars and diapers. I’m very happy with my purchase bc it solves our problem of her forgetting that she has to pee outside as well as it stays on. She’s my 17 year old baby. In great health. Just forgetting and getting confused a lot. Has been urinating in the house when I’m gone to dementia anxiety and just loss of memory to go outside. I love her little overall diapers. I’d do anything for my girl.


– Melinda P.

Missy - Cookeville, TN

We have a little paralyzed French Bulldog and these diapers have been a life saver for us! Before we were using cheaper quality diapers and they were constantly slipping off, terrible fit and not containing the diaper’s “contents” very well. Barkertime has the best customer service (even reaching out to ask me if I meant to request no tail hole based on my previous orders when I forgot) and their diapers are the best quality you could ask for. Plus, the cute designs make having a dog in diapers a little easier and always brings smiles to people’s faces. Thanks so much Barkertime!

Julia B. (Miami Beach, FL)

Life saver! - Miami Beach, FL

Jazz is a poodle/pug cross and is about 6 years old. She is a smart, good natured dog, but has a problem with complete control of her bladder, due to a medical issue that cannot be repaired without a painful and costly surgery. The issue is not painful to her and she lets us know when it’s time to go out, but often leaks before she realizes her need to go. We have been using the Barkertime diapers for a couple years now and find they are a great product. Thank you for having these quality diapers

Jane N. (Mt. Vernon, MO)

Jazz – Poodle Pug - Mt. Vernon, MO

Karli was found behind a walmart in Gallup New Mexico with paralysed rear end. She was able to walk on her front legs with her useless legs dangling behind. She was brought into rescue (Az Border Collie Rescue). She was getting sores on her rear legs from dragging with necessitated them being amputated. She is incontinent due to her spinal cord injury so we knew we needed diapers. We, also, need something to protect her bony pelvis when she runs (yep, she can run like the wind). Found this product on the internet and asked if they could make them without leg holes. We got our order with material over the legholes just as we asked. Not only are they stylish, but do the job of protection and hygiene. We will order more!!!

Karli Amputee Dog

Her name is Lilly, and the diaper is a perfect fit! We tried a few different brands, but yours is our favorite. We will be buying more!
Washable Dog Diapers - Made in USA

Lily - Yorktown, VA

I finally found a dog diaper that fits and doesn’t bother Brandy.


We are new to needing doggie diapers or belly bands. Following cancer surgery last month Dozer began dribbling urine anytime he is standing. I had ordered a different type of band online and the first time he wore it he had blood dripping the next morning and it had rubbed him raw. I was discussing it on a boxer site that I’m on and someone recommended barkertime. I am so glad she did. We received our first band and it is the minky fabric. He seems so much more comfortable. He is not walking stiff like he was with the other ones rubbing his hind legs. Thank you so much. I ordered 2 more this morning.


The greatest thing for our aging dog. It fits very well, she cannot get it off and it’s saving our carpets big time! Oh and it washes well too. I would recommend buying two so when it’s being laundered you have a spare!

The greatest thing for our aging dog

Sumo is a 5 month old Bulldog who was born with Spina Bifada, he cannot co troglodyte potty and will be a diaper-baby all his life. Sumo is the newest member of Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR). I am Sumo’s Foster Mom and Sumo will live with me and my family Iwhile we complete work on his medical issues.
Once Sumo passes his medical, SCBR will find a suitable forever home for Sumo, a home familiar with Bulldogs who are also diaper babies. Your products are fabulous and make my life easier as a foster Mom!  And your products will be a real plus for the folks who ultimately adopt Sumo. Thank you so much!!
Debra & Sumo

Sumo - Perris, CA

Jake is Ron’s dog.  Ron and I shared a wonderful friendship for over thirty years and finally married in August 2016.  In May 2017 I lost my husband and best friend to cancer.  Before he passed, I promised Ron that I would take care of Jake and am doing just that with the help of Barketime.  Jake is over 15 years old.  More frequently these days he has a difficult time controlling his bladder.  After only a month using Barkertime Escape-Proof Overalls, Jake “assumes the position” after a walk outside knowing that I will be putting on his Barkertime Diaper Overall.  He is both comfortable and happy. Thank you Barkertime for helping me in taking good care of Jake.
In memory of my beautiful and beloved husband, Ron.

Jake - Hoffman Estates, IL

Gracie has bladder cancer and is incontinent.  Your female dog diapers have allowed her the same access to our home as she had before surgery.  We love her “pants.”

Gracie - Westminster, MD

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