english bulldog dog diaper

“Thank you for offering such a high quality, beautifully made total solution to our potty training needs. Even after washing them a few times a week, every week, they still look brand new. We will forever be a Barkertime customer and refer all of our diapered fur pals to you guys!!” – Marquita B. (Denham Springs, LA)

english bulldog dog diaper

Total solution to our potty training needs

“We have issues with submissive and excited urination. I think she prefers life outside of her diaper, but for now, it’s doing the job.”

– Jenny H. (Morgan City, LA)

poodle dog diapers

It’s doing the job

doberman waterproof dog diaper

“Our senior Doberman, Gracie, recently had chemotherapy and it gave her temporary incontinence. Luckily, we already had waterproof Barkertime diapers and liners on hand from another incontinent senior girl. We’ve been using them on Gracie and are so confident in Barkertime diapers that we can let Gracie get on the furniture. Thank you for a great product!” – Leslie N. (Salem, NH)

doberman waterproof dog diaper

Thank you for a great product!

“Scout & Apollo are Italian Greyhounds that have been challenging to train. This was our second order of the #Barkertime male waterproof belly bands. The belly bands have helped the pups to go longer periods of time without making messes in the house. The belly bands are very easy to wash and reuse. The size small fits our 10-12 pound pups. We love this product!”

– Victoria F. (Lynnfield, MA)

Very easy to wash and reuse

escape proof dog diaper

“Love it. It really works. They stay on all night long.”

-Sandra W. (Stanwood, WA)

escape proof dog diaper

They stay on all night long

“These Barkertime diapers have been a big help with my aging kitty Deaven.”

– Kalah S. (Fort Wayne, IN)

My aging kitty Deaven

dachshund dog diaper

“Chico has IVDD and has been paralyzed and incontinent for 7 years. It’s always been difficult to find ways of keeping his diaper up while he’s scooting about. Last year he had to have one of his hind legs amputated and that task became even more difficult. We’ve tried so many things. I found Barkertime from Princess Lilo’s Instagram. I saw the diaper cover overalls and I thought wow, this could be what we’ve been looking for! So far, so good!! He’s been scooting around for over an hour and even got to take his spot on top of the couch to look out the window! Thank you!! We will be purchasing another set of overalls!” – Amy S. (Roy, UT)

dachshund dog diaper

So far, so good!

pug dog diaper

“Fits great!! Stella is a 13 year young pug.”

– Mark K. (Chicago, IL)

pug dog diaper

Fits great!

french bulldog dog diaper

“Eddie became paralyzed from his waist back on May 4th at 3 years old. We had X-rays, CT scan and an MRI done and this is permanent for our baby. We had trouble finding the right diaper and trying to keep it on until we found Barkertime. I can not believe how this product has answered our prayers. It is definitely a game changer and I 101% recommend these products. I have even washed it several times in a netted bag and washed up perfectly. THANK YOU!!”

– Tammy D. (Northumberland, PA)

french bulldog dog diaper

Definitely a game changer

english bulldog dog diaper

“My Olde English Bulldogge is still in tact, while looking for a better option than a diaper for her heat cycles, I came across your page on Instagram. I am pleased with the fit and happy my little escape artist won’t be able to shimmy her way out of these overalls. Thank you!”

– Ashley G. (Federal Way, WA)

english bulldog dog diaper

My little escape artist won’t be able to shimmy her way out of these overalls

“We bought the Barkertime overalls to help our Luna get through her first heat in the easiest way possible and we got more than we expected! Super cute print and very easy to take on and off. Thank you so much!” – Tara T (Cary, NC)

french bulldog dog diaper

Super cute print and very easy to take on and off

“Heavy Metal Queen was injured in an accident a few years ago, and has since been incontinent. We tried baby diapers for a while before we knew these wonderful reusable Barkertime diapers were available, and even when we did find them we were initially reluctant to spend the money. Now a year later, all of us (Queen included) are much happier and more comfortable! No more leaks, and no more waddling cat!”

– Michael S. (Robbinsdale, MN)

cat diaper nappy cat diaper cat nappy

No more leaks, and no more waddling cat!

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