If your dog is incontinent and needs hydrotherapy, you and your dog will benefit from these swim diapers.

Our swim diapers are designed specifically for dogs doing hydrotherapy as part of injury rehab or post-surgery recovery process or physical therapy due to disc disease, degenerative myelopathy, or paralysis,  or for senior pets with arthritis or dysplasia. Swim diapers are made with completely waterproof fabric to contain accidental release of urine and fecal matter into the underwater treadmills or pools during hydrotherapy. The swim diaper includes a built-in gusset inside that prevents the mess from escaping the diaper. Made with waterproof material, the diapers are very easy to clean by wiping down the mess after the session. These swim diapers are an indispensable complement to your dog’s rehabilitation and recovery process.

Barkertime Dog Swim Diapers - Made in USA

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