Finally found a workable solution for vacations

“I ordered a waterproof diaper from Barkertime for our rescue pitbull Agnes. Agnes has spay related incontinence that we’ve mostly controlled with hormone replacement. She’s stable at home but sometimes has breakthrough leaks when she’s stressed. On a recent vacation, she had a series of bad leaks while we were in a rental house without access to a washing machine. She was embarrassed and stressed by the leaking, and we were in a pinch trying to keep her bedding clean. I feel like we’ve finally found a solution for times when medication isn’t enough. Wow! I’m so impressed with the design and fit of these diapers. I made diapers for my bullmastiff to wear during heats because I couldn’t get pants that were a good fit and comfortable. I didn’t want to start all over designing a pattern for Agnes so I took a leap on your diapers. I couldn’t be more thrilled, and I can’t wait to order more. They look and fit like they were custom made just for Agnes. She was immediately comfortable, and I feel like we’ve finally found a workable solution for vacations. Thank you so much!” – Monica P. (Seattle, WA)

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