Vet Referral Program

Do you own or work for a veterinary practice? Our customers often tell us they wish their vets were able to recommend a high-quality pet incontinence product brand (diapers, belly bands, drag bags) such as Barkertime before they tried other ineffective products and found us online. So, we thought it would be great if more vets are aware of our amazing pet incontinence products. Here’s an opportunity for your practice to join our Vet Referral Program so you can offer high-quality American-made pet products for your clients while earning a commission on the referral.

Why Join?

  1. Offer your clients the best-selling Made-in-USA pet diaper brand on the market
  2. Receive a referral fee of 15% of the purchase made by your clients on our Website
  3. Offer a discount coupon code to your clients when they purchase Barkertime products
  4. Help your client’s pets live long, happy and healthy lives
  5. Listed in our “Find a nearby vet” database as our customers often look for a local vet for help with pet incontinence issues
  6. Win-win-win: Your client gets a discount on a high-quality product for their beloved pet

How to Join?

  1. Sign up here today
  2. We will send Vet Referral Cards to your office so you can use to give to your clients
  3. The Vet Referral Card has a unique coupon code which is also your practice’s referral ID
  4. Our website’s software uses this referral ID to track the purchases by your clients and credit you the 15% referral fee (as well as give the client a discount on their purchase)
  5. Schedule your client’s next appointment to see how they like Barkertime products!

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Barkertime Vet Referral Card Sample

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