My pup (Gulliver) began marking inside of the house right before our vacation in September, over labor day. I was worried about the rental property, -and that is when I first purchased. The prints are fun and I was in a suck it up mode…since returning from vacation- have had many labs, blood work, urine screens… done to determine WHY my dog is marking in the house. Too much testosterone?  – etc… he is neutered-shouldn’t be happening. Gulliver is on his second round of antibiotics…some off blood work- and  to rule out kidney issues. He has some markers that make it a little worrisome. I am crossing my fingers… am hoping he’s just a jerk with behavior problems-(and  apparently lame training from me)…but, this product has made me able to love him through it/ and despite it… as I was going to murder him for peeing all over my house- on multiple chair legs, end tables and even in my shoes. Just wanted to say thanks.