Sally is 14 years old, almost entirely blind now, and is either losing her hearing or is just selective on what she wants to hear nowadays. Her “accidents” became significantly worse this past year and without a tail to hold it on, regular diapers don’t work. This is her 3rd week wearing the Barkertime diapers and she doesn’t seem to mind. We didn’t realize how accustomed we had gotten to just dealing with the aftermath, and this has made our lives soooo much easier.

– Leslie J. (Spring, TX)
boston terrier dog diaper

This has made our lives soooo much easier

“Little Susie is our geriatric baby. She has urinary incontinence during her sleep. Barkertime Premium Overall Diapers have made all the difference! She does not mind wearing them and they are so well made. The medium size fits her perfectly and have not leaked at all.”

– Jennifer H. (Charleston, WV)

Made all the difference

“Great quality item. It fits her perfectly.”

– Mickie V. (Billings, MT)
french bulldog paralyzed dog drag bag

Fits her perfectly

“Our senior shiba has been having issues with #1 and #2 and we’ve tried a few different sizes of different brands’ diapers and belly bands. Nothing has worked as well as Barkertime – they often don’t contain everything or come off while he’s wandering around the house. The Barkertime product has not let us down so far and we’re excited to get a few more colors so he can have a few on deck while others are in the laundry. Sun is large for a shiba, roughly 25 lbs, and the XL size is fits him perfectly on the tightest setting. The diaper portion of the L size was a bit too tight on his hips.”-

– Sean H. (Boise, ID)

Nothing has worked as well as Barkertime

“Here are photos of my sweet cat Rush in her Barkertime diaper during our cross country RV adventure in February from Washington to North Carolina. Rush suffered some sort of trauma near the base of her spine / tail as a kitten and has no control over her tail now, as well as drips / leaks pee. She is the sweetest cat and spent 10 years in an animal sanctuary before I found her and fell in love.” –

Izzy B. (Redmond, WA)

The sweetest cat

“I was hesitant to get a drag bag as I figured it would be too hard for him to use his legs. Since this Houdini is a speedy boy this Barkertime drag bag is a great way to protect his skin when he isn’t in his wheels or wearing his booties. He actually stood up in the drag bag!!”

– Donna M. (Vancouver, WA)

french bulldog dog drag bag french bulldog dog drag bag

A great way to protect his skin

“This Barkertime diaper helps Mr Chew be more comfortable in his dog bed. When he’s taking his dog senior citizen naps, he doesn’t have to worry about accidents ruining his bedding”

– Russell M. (Albuquerque, NM)

chihuahua dog diaper

Comfortable in his dog bed

“This Barkertime diaper is a game changer for us! It’s so much more comfortable and way less bulky than other reusable diapers.”

– Staci G (Wilmington, DE)

chihuahua dog diaper chihuahua dog diaper

Game changer for us

“My 1 year old cat, Frozen Ivy, was found last winter in a box abandoned in a large steel pipe. She already had a spinal injury upon her discovery and suffered urine scalding and a UTI infection. After intensive medical care, she has since recovered from her trauma and I quickly adopted her. Even though she’s paraplegic, she is the sweetest and happiest cat I’ve met. I am so glad to have found these Barkertime diapers as they not only keep her dry but protect her hips from fur loss and carpet burn due to the way she gets around. And the patterns are adorable! She is truly unstoppable now.”

– Kaylee P. (Binghamton, NY)

Truly unstoppable now

“Stella is a 6 year old French Bulldog who will have an accident in the house once in a while. This Barkertime diaper is just what I have been looking for. It seems to fit her good. Thank you for designing these wonderful products and I will be ordering more.”

– Janyce H. (Riverton, UT)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Just what I have been looking for

“Trinity is approximately 13-14 years old or older and she runs the show wherever she goes. She has had a little problem due to her advanced age recently, so we are loving the very effective Barkertime overall style diaper. It is life changing.”

– Mark S. (Tallahassee, FL)

dachshund dog diaper

Runs the show wherever she goes

“Rebel is ready to hit the beach, but first a nap. Rebel is 6 and recently diagnosed with diabetes. He has had some accidents as we work to get his insulin and sugar corrected. He lost his little Bichon sister in January and he likes to curl up in her bed rather than stretch out in his. He is a sweet boy. Thank you for making things easier for him. ❤️”

– Laura H. (Lancaster, PA)

chocolate labrador dog belly band diaper

A sweet boy

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