“Tobie wears his Barkertime stud pants so we can prevent unwanted litters and spraying! He doesn’t mind and rocks them with pride.”

– Alisha V. (Hoquiam, WA)
cat diaper stud pants

Rocks them with pride

“4 m old French bulldog her name is Penelope she was born with incontinence to both bowels And bladder. But she doesn’t let that stop her she has the best personality and she is such a clown lol”

– Jennifer A. (Stow, OH)

The best personality

Finally found something Vanitas can’t immediately escape out of and he’s reached the bargaining stage of denial. Super adjustable and I will be a purchasing another Barkertime!

Krystin V. (Yulee, FL)
corgi dog diaper overall

Bargaining stage of denial

What a great diaper. It’s perfect for my cat Squirtle

Stephanie S. (Phoenix, AZ)
cat diaper stud pants
cat diaper stud pants
cat diaper stud pants


This is my dog Libby (17 years old service dog retired). The Barkertime diaper overall is absolutely perfect. It matches her fur exactly and it was Barkertime’s choice. It adjusts easily and she is very proud to wear it. Thank you 🙏 🙏 thank you thank you.

– Barbara H. (West grove, PA)
beagle dog diaper

She is very proud to wear it

“Maxi is a prostate cancer survivor, and he loves his peejamas! These Barkertime PeeJamas are the only pyjamas Maxi cannot escape, and they are absolutely amazing!”

– Anna L. (Revere, MA)

Cannot escape

Thank you so much for these diapers. They have been a godsend for me and my old girl Sydney.

– Kim W. (Phoenix, AZ)


“Grits suffered a tail pull injury on Christmas. Due to the injury he lost bladder control. This Barkertime diaper has been a life saver and so much less messy! He can still use the litter box for #2 but I don’t have to worry about him making a mess everywhere! It’s been great!”

– Molly F. (Rome, GA)
cat diaper stud pants

A life saver and so much less messy

“Penny has not yet come into season but I couldn’t be more please with the quality of this Barkertime diaper for when she does. I was a little worried when ordering it about the fit however once I received it I was extremely pleased. Great products and amazing quality, thanks Barkertime 💕”

– Alese H. (Port Charlotte, FL)
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper

Great products and amazing quality

Fits great!

Renee B. (Valencia, CA)

Fits great!

These Barkertime diapers have been a lifesaver!! We have used others but since Tallulah is a little on plump side since her rear legs are paralyzed, the others we’ve used, the straps dig into her sides. I ordered from Barkertime specifically for the wide straps and they’re great! They even helped us when we accidentally ordered the wrong size. Tallulah seems so much happier now and more comfortable. Can’t wait to order more.

Heidi W. (Virginia Beach, VA)
cat diaper stud pants

So much happier now and more comfortable

Molly’s new Barkertime pants make air travel and hotel visits worry free! And she feels so sharp in her new panties!

Jane C. (Fort White, FL)

So sharp in her new panties

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