“Xerxes is a 3 legged dachshund who became paraplegic (monoplegic?) after his 2nd back surgery. He doesn’t even care :)”

– Anna L. (Austin, TX)

He doesn’t even care

“No more marking! His name is Zeus. He’s been in the doghouse for about the last ten years due to constant marking (despite being spayed since he was 6 weeks old). He’s been on every medication the vet can think of and every one works for a couple months and then stops working. At this point the vet was out of ideas and I just happened upon your website. I could not see how this diaper would work – I thought I’d never be able to get it on him by myself, and I was convinced he’d be miserable and chew it off. I am AMAZED. He’s somewhat confused about it and keeps licking it but does’t seem overly distressed and MY anxiety level is at the lowest it’s been in years! So thanks!”

– Donna A. (Randolph, NJ)

cat diaper stud pants cat diaper stud pants

No more marking!

“Here’s our 10 year old rescue beagle Pixie in one of Barkertime dog diapers!”

– Shirley J. (Saluda, NC)

wiener dog diaper


“This is Remy. She is a 1 year old French Bulldog. She likes to try to “boop” this off but thank goodness she can’t! Her period lasts forever what is feels like so this Barkertime diaper overall was a great find for her little round butt. I am so happy with it cause everything else would fall off. Thanks!”

– Kilee S. (Saint George, UT)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Her period lasts forever

“Unfortunately, even though he was neuter at a young age, Hammy marks in the house. When I first put diapers on him he acted like he couldn’t walk, now he seems pretty comfortable in them. I have used simple tailhole diapers before and the fact that the cat cannot defecate is a major drawback, so gave Barkertime design a try and it has been a great experience.”

– Maggie E. (Reno, NV)

It has been a great experience

“Bronson looks so dapper in his Barkertime onesie! Though I hate to see my almost 12-year-old little man starting to have issues at night (diagnosed with stage 2 CKD), I am very thankful for Barkertime products. This onesie is a Godsend! So many adjustments, we can get it just right so he’s comfortable through the night and my husband will still tolerate him continuing to sleep in the bed with us. Thank you!!”

– Jeni D. (LaBelle, FL)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

This onesie is a Godsend

“Burbuja has used wheels to walk the last 3 and a half years. Ever since, we got him a Barkertime diaper so that we could keep him clean in case there was an accident. Very happy with it!”

– Beatriz R. (Monticello, AR)

french bulldog dog diaper

Very happy with it

“Toffee wasn’t sure about the Barkertime fancy pants but was definitely not able to get them off.”

– Jona R. (Sapulpa, OK)

poodle dog diaper

Not able to get them off

“We just moved and Isaac has had a real issue with peeing on things. Thanks to the Barkertime diaper, none of the furniture in our new home has been pee’d on! Now we just need to get a few more to rotate while washing the dirty one.”

– Jared A. (Columbus, OH)

cat diaper

A real issue with peeing

“Max is a 2 year-old bulldog who has escaped out of every other diaper we’ve tried on him, but not this Barkertime one!!!”

– Brigette S. (Oshkosh, WI)

english bulldog dog diaper

Not this Barkertime one!

“This is Sammie in his new Barkertime cat diapers, he has kidney failure and is nearly seventeen years old, these diapers have given him a new lease on life and the hope that he will be with me for awhile longer. His tail is a birth defect, he is a sweet, loving boy who loves to eat a bit of tuna and sleep.”

– Beverly H. (Nevada City, CA)

cat diaper cat diaper cat diaper cat diaper

A new lease on life

“The Barkertime diapers and overalls fit great! And the overalls worked overnight-no lost diaper!”

– Beverly B. (Mobile, AL)

dachshund dog diaper

No lost diaper!

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