Testimonials and Customer Reviews

  • french bulldog dog diaper

    Thank you

    So glad that I finally found overalls & diaper liners that work 🙂Thank you, Margaret Z. (buckeye, az)

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  • cat diaper

    Nothing worked

    “””We adopted a kitten 2 weeks ago who was born with atresia ani and as a result is fecal incontinent. We tried several options…

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  • Thanks a million

    Thank you for your assistance with Bandit’s sizing. You were spot on!! His body is not standard for a frenchie. The diaper fits perfect &…

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  • They’re great

    Here is our sweet older gentleman, Royce, sporting his Barkertime diaper overalls. They’re great!Reed C. (Portland, OR)

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  • Stays in place at all times and she seems comfortable

    Our 14 year old Dachshund has Cushing’s disease and battles with incontinence at times. She is able to wiggle out of diapers, but not…

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  • cat diaper pull-up

    I don’t have to fight with getting his tail in the hole

    The disposable diapers were such a hassle and causing a friction sore at the crease of this fury guys hips but not with these…

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  • pug dog diaper

    So well made and thoughtfully designed

    Thank you Barkertime for making these overalls. They are the answer for us. We’ve been so frustrated with female diapers. Roxy walks out of…

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  • Truly Houdini proof

    Thank you so much for this diaper overall/jumper. It’s perfect and works great. Truly Houdini proof. And your suggestions for getting her used to…

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  • dog diaper

    She can still poop

    Tilly is a 16 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff. Barkertime diaper snappy is the first product I found that catches the urine, but…

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  • Allow her to live her best life

    Our Corgi puppy Piper was born with several birth defects which cause her to be incontinent. Her Barkertime diaper overalls have been a life…

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  • Life saver

    Thank you for creating these overalls. They are a life saverLaura D. (Bagley, MN)

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  • chocolate brown poodle dog diaper

    Stop spending so much money on rug shampoo

    “These Barkertime overalls are the bomb! No more coming home to the belly band at one end of the living room and a wiz…

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