Amputee Dog Diapers

We’re proud to help many amputee dogs with our specially designed diapers. If you’d like a custom made diaper for your amputee dog, please contact us!

Karli was found behind a Walmart in Gallup, New Mexico with paralyzed rear end. She was able to walk on her front legs with her useless legs dangling behind. She was brought into rescue (AZ Border Collie Rescue). She was getting sores on her rear legs from dragging with necessitated them being amputated. She is incontinent due to her spinal cord injury so we knew we needed diapers. We, also, need something to protect her bony pelvis when she runs (yep, she can run like the wind). Found this product on the internet and asked if they could make them without leg holes. We got our order with material over the legholes just as we asked. Not only are they stylish, but do the job of protection and hygiene. We will order more!!!

Kara A. (Phoenix, AZ)