Taking care of Barkertime products is easy. Most of our products are machine-washable and machine-dry-able, unless otherwise instructed. Just put the washer in a delicate cycle (Cold or Warm Water) then the dryer on tumble dry low, and it’ll be good to go. If you can, air-drying our products would be best.

For products with Velcro (hook-and-loop fastener strips), such as diapers or belly bands, we recommend that you close the Velcro strip before you wash or dry so it doesn’t get damaged during the wash cycle and from the heat of the dryer. For extra protection and longer use, put the diapers or belly bands in a mesh laundry bag (for delicate clothes) when you wash them. You can get a mesh laundry bag at any local Walmart or Target stores.

  • If your pet has left some stains on the garment, you might want to use hydrogen peroxide to clean gently (hand-wash) before you put it in the washer. Hydrogen peroxide is good for killing bacteria and removing stains, and it doesn’t damage the fabric.
  • We do not recommend using bleach as it might damage or discolor the fabric.

Do you have any tips on how to take care of your Barkertime products? Send us an email to let us know and we’ll share it with everyone here.


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