1. Open up the wings of the diaper overall

Each diaper has 2 wings that wrap around your dog’s body. The bib is the extended part to the diaper that provides extra coverage of your dog’s belly and chest.

2. Slip the diaper's hole through the top of your dog's tail with the shorter side on the back of your dog

The shorter side is the side that has “loop” velcro, or “soft” velcro. If your dog doesn’t have a tail and your diaper is the no tail hole version, just put the shorter side of the diaper on your dog’s back.

3. Wrap the velcro wrings around the hind legs and attach them on to the velcro strip on your dog's back

Grab the velcro wing underneath your dog’s body and wrap it around the hind leg. Attach the velcro wing to the other velcro strip on your dog’s back. Wrap the other velcro wing around the hind leg and attach it to the velcro strip on your dog’s back. Adjust the velcro wings by moving them closer to the center, or further away, to fit your dog’s waist. Make sure that the diaper fits, but not too tight on your dog’s waist

4. Adjust the velcro to make sure the diaper feels snug on your dog.