New possibilities for traveling with my cat-son

“Barkertime products have made my life more convenient and opened up new possibilities for traveling with my cat-son, Nolen. We appreciate your service!” – Erik A. (San Jose, CA)

australian cattle blue heeler dog diaper
Comfortable girl, clean floors, happy mama.

“Our old girl is pretty sensitive to being uncomfortable. We tried a similar product with elastic suspenders, but it was difficult to get her into it without causing a flare-up of her spinal arthritis – she used to run away … Read More

Cyber Monday Sale

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No more spraying Woo Hoo!

“This Barkertime Cat Diaper Pull-up is wonderful! No more spraying Woo Hoo! I am ordering another one as a spare.” – Linda S. (Millstone Twp, NJ)

They are the best

“Diva loves being able to sleep on our bed now with her Barkertime diaper overall! They are the best” – Heather H. (Winona, MN)

Way more comfy than the old regular diapers

“Olive doesn’t love it yet but it seems way more comfy than the old regular diapers because I don’t have to strap it so tight, and I love that she isn’t marking inside now!” – Kimberly K. (San Diego, CA)

beagle dog diaper
They have been a Godsend

“Lucy is our 17 year old beagle….she has slowly become incontinent over the past year…we have tried so many different types of doggie diapers….and regular baby diapers with hole cut out for tail…but could never get them to stay on. … Read More

Louise has Spina Bifida

“Louise has Spina Bifida and requires many changes a day , these adorable Barkertime diapers are handy , just have to change the pad inside . Love the no tail option… already ordered 3 more pairs.” – Virginia B. (Watervliet, … Read More

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