Is your dog afraid of fireworks, thunders or have anxiety issues?

Swaddle your furbaby with Barkertime Calming Shirt and Pressure Wrap to provide relief from separation anxiety, over-excitement, vet visits, road trips, excessive barking and fear from thunder, fireworks, loud noise. Suitable for puppies being house-trained. Just wrap the shirt around your dog’s body and adjust the right pressure along the Velcro strips to calm your dog.  This is a safe and drug-free solution to your dog’s anxiety problems. Moreover, it makes your dog look great and fashionable!

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PeeJama recovery suit is a multi-purpose alternative to the Elizabethan Collar (or E-Collar, or E-Cone aka the “Cone of Shame”). PeeJama conforms to your pet’s body shape to provide protection and relief for many different conditions: dog bite wound care, skin conditions, post-surgery care, excessive licking, incontinence, female heat and many others. In addition, PeeJama can also be used to help calm your anxious pet!

Barkertime PeeJama
Barkertime PeeJama Calming Shirt

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