Black Escape-Proof Washable Dog Diaper Overall

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  • Waist: Measure around the rear girth and allow a little extra room for a liner
  • We recommend going up one size if your dog is between sizes.
  • Suggested Weight is for reference only and should not be used to select size for your dog since each dog’s physique is different

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*Best Selling Dog Diaper Product*

Handcrafted to perfection so your furbaby can stay clean and comfortable while you have complete peace of mind. The Escape-Proof Dog Diaper Overall is suitable for both male and female dogs with incontinence issues, behavioral marking, excitable urination or females in heat. Specifically designed for the “Houdini” escape-artist dogs that have difficulty keeping diapers on. The best Full-Body Suit solution for your furbaby available in hundreds of prints and designs.

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Certain breeds such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Welsh Corgis, Brittany Spaniels, etc. do not have a tail. If you have one of these, or if your dog has a docked tail or really small tail nub, you should get the No Tail Hole version of the diaper. If your dog has a tail, you should definitely get the diaper version WITH a tail hole.


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  • Suitable for all dogs including odd-shaped or long-body dogs such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Dachshund, and Weiner. Designed for “Houdini” escape artists or dogs having difficulty keeping their diapers in place
  • Built-in collar and connecting straps are fully adjustable to get the most comfortable fit for your dog. The extended bottom wing provides complete protection, especially for male dogs. Perfect for dogs with excitable urination, incontinent senior dogs, female dogs in heat, or male dogs with marking issues
  • Triple layers of protection: high-quality fabric on the outside, super-soft lining on the inside and a waterproof moisture barrier completely sewn on between the outer shell and the lining for maximum leakage protection. You will not get this kind of protection and quality from any other doggie diapers on the market
  • Easy to put on and take off with adjustable hook-and-loop tabs for a great customized fit. Available in hundreds of prints and designs to choose from for your stylish furbaby. For EXTRA protection, use Barkertime reusable diaper liners (sold separately) together with this diaper. Machine washable (Delicate cycle). Tumble or air dry only
Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

9 reviews for Black Escape-Proof Washable Dog Diaper Overall

  1. Debra

    Sumo is a 5 month old Bulldog who was born with Spina Bifada, he cannot co troglodyte potty and will be a diaper-baby all his life. Sumo is the newest member of Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR). I am Sumo’s Foster Mom and Sumo will live with me and my family while we complete work on his medical issues. Once Sumo passes his medical, SCBR will find a suitable forever home for Sumo, a home familiar with Bulldogs who are also diaper babies. Barkertime products are fabulous and make my life easier as a foster Mom! And your products will be a real plus for the folks who ultimately adopt Sumo. Thank you so much!!

  2. bullygranny

    Wonderful…answer to our prayers. French bulldogs are hard to fit and this fit our 12 year old franchise wonderfully. Make sure you measure because we had to get her a large because of her chest size. Pricey but well worth the money! better than replacing carpet or redoing hardwood floors.

  3. Linda Marter

    This is the only product/diaper that my dog can’t take off. Awesome. Highly recommend. He weighs about 21 lbs 22 inches around middle and he to take a large He is a schnauzer. Will buy this again

  4. Linda Marter

    Awesome. Only diaper my 20 lb schnauzer can’t take off. I will continue to use this. I had to get large. He is a little chunky. 22 inches in belly and 22 lbs. mini schnauzer. Great product

  5. Heather B

    We had gone through three different doggie diapers before finding Barkertime, our 14 year old min pin is a little Houdini when it came to diapers, but day #1 both him and us are loving his setup! Thanks Barkertime

  6. Ashley G

    My Olde English Bulldogge is still in tact, while looking for a better option than a diaper for her heat cycles, I came across your page on Instagram. I am pleased with the fit and happy my little escape artist won’t be able to shimmy her way out of these overalls. Thank you!

  7. John

    Morgan has had back surgery and while he can walk again (sort of) he is incontinent and has no idea when “it’s” happening. Diapers alone didn’t do any good because he would just slide out of them. His new Barkertime escape proof diaper was just what I was looking for and it works perfectly. Now his diapers stay on and no more messes!

  8. Mallory

    My dachshund Buddy is incontinent and these Barkertime overalls have been such a blessing to us! Kind of hard to see black on black but we are hoping to purchase another pair or two! Thank you!!

  9. Jamie Pettibon

    This escape-proof diaper has been such a blessing for us and our Boston Terrier, Hamilton! Hammy was born with an anal prolapse. Surgery has been unsuccessful to correct his problem and as a result, diapers are necessary when he is indoors. I have tried several diapers without success. They were uncomfortable for him and he could always manage to get out of them and I was washing couch covers daily. Now, with his Barkertime overalls, he is once again able to move well when wearing them and can be a normal member of the family. No couch or lap is off limits now and he is a happy little guy! I also love the fact that they look like overalls instead of normal diapers. We have them in black so they blend right in with his coat. You have no idea how this has changed our lives for the better. This truly was an answer to our prayers! Thank you so much!!

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  • french bulldog dog diaper

    Thank you

    So glad that I finally found overalls & diaper liners that work 🙂Thank you, Margaret Z. (buckeye, az)

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  • cat diaper

    Nothing worked

    “””We adopted a kitten 2 weeks ago who was born with atresia ani and as a result is fecal incontinent. We tried several options…

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  • Thanks a million

    Thank you for your assistance with Bandit’s sizing. You were spot on!! His body is not standard for a frenchie. The diaper fits perfect &…

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  • They’re great

    Here is our sweet older gentleman, Royce, sporting his Barkertime diaper overalls. They’re great! Reed C. (Portland, OR)

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  • Stays in place at all times and she seems comfortable

    Our 14 year old Dachshund has Cushing’s disease and battles with incontinence at times. She is able to wiggle out of diapers, but not…

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  • cat diaper pull-up

    I don’t have to fight with getting his tail in the hole

    The disposable diapers were such a hassle and causing a friction sore at the crease of this fury guys hips but not with these…

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