Eabrinn – Pink Neon Polka Washable Diaper

My 8 year old papillon has started to experience incontinence. She won’t use the bathroom in her cage, but keeping her locked up all the time is inhumane and sad. A friend suggested I look into dog diapers. This is the second dog diaper I’ve purchased — the other from another brand, which I returned immediately.

So far, this appears to be very well made. The fabric is cute. The Velcro is strong, and “sticky” if you will, which means it shouldn’t lose its stick any time soon. The inside fabric is sort of velvety-microfiber-dusting cloth-feeling. I can’t describe it, but it is absorbent. I recommend using generic think people panty liners or pads. Get the short ones!!

The on-off isn’t a pain — like a human baby, you kind of start in the back and work toward the front. I insert my dog’s tail first, then wrap down through her hind legs and across her back at the same time, then Velcro and voila!

At first, my dog looked uncomfortable. I made some adjustments because the diaper was cutting into her “thighs.” She barely seems to notice it now. Definitely make sure the diaper isn’t cutting into your dog’s skin. I’ve observed that loose is okay because the tail helps to secure the diaper from slipping off.

Minus one star because, despite measuring correctly, the sizing seems small. My dog is 9lbs with a 8 inch waist. I ordered a small, and probably could have done just as well with a medium.

Overall, EXTREMELY happy with this purchase and I’ll probably get another one for backup. Thanks Barkerwear.