Fits perfectly and it STAYS ON

“Wow! Just WOW! After months of searching and purchasing disposable and washable diapers that were supposedly the right size for my bull mastiff, we finally hit pay dirt! We both love love love this Barkertime diaper! It fits perfectly and it STAYS ON!
No more waking up in a pool of pee (for me) and washing my bed several times a week; yes, she sleeps with me. I can also go back to having carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months instead of 3 (a savings of $600)! With the savings on carpet cleaning, I can buy several of these and still net a savings!

I can’t thank you enough for making these lovely “accessories” that are true to size, comfortable, pretty and effective. You have saved my carpet, Sidy’s dignity, and my marriage!”

– Gabrielle Z. (Harrisburg, PA)

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