Maltipoo pup

My Bailey is a Maltipoo pup. She is about 11 months old and when she was about 6 months old we realized she has a problem called ectopic ureters. This causes her to be incontinent. She goes outside like a regular pup but she constantly is dribbling. I’ve tried every diaper there is. Walmart has disposable diapers for a decent price but they are always out of stock. Petco also has disposable diapers but they are way over priced. We go through them so quickly. I’ve also tried reusable diapers from Petco and Amazon but they never seem to fit right. These diapers from Barkertime have really helped me out. They fit perfectly and she is usually kept pretty dry. I also got the reusable inserts and I think they work well. Thank you Barkertime you’ve been a big help