Striking gold

“Barkertime is our go-to diaper shop. Gracie is 13 and a half years old and has had some incontinence since she was 10. Rather than giving her Proin (female dogs only) because she was already taking medications for other conditions, I set out to find a well-made dog diaper. Discovering Barkertime was like striking gold since pet store-bought diapers didn’t fit well and weren’t fashion forward. She now has upwards of 11 (honestly, I’ve lost count) Barkertime diapers, pull-ups, and diaper overalls — however, just diagnosed with some trachea collapse and no longer able to have a strap around her neck and wear the overalls, as well as recent weight loss to alleviate pressure on her trachea, we’re coming back to order a couple of smaller regular diapers.”

– Dana B. (Washington, DC)

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