boston terrier dog diaper

Thank you for making it so much easier at the end of Brena’s life. I can’t say enough about your product!

“Our 14-year-old Boston Terrier, Brena, started having incontinence issues in the past year. We tried EVERYTHING! I search the internet to find the perfect diaper, but nothing would stay on. We purchased a carpet cleaner and it got its use once to twice a day. We took Brena out about every hour (when she was awake). I even went to a quilter friend of mine with a design that I thought would work. It was very similar to what you designed – but not quite. Yours went way above and beyond my prototype in quality. My friend asked if I ever went to Pinterest. I hadn’t, but that is where I found Barkertime and your fabulous doggie diapers. I purchase 2 mediums right away and was very pleased with them. However, Brena could sometimes roll around and get out of them because the straps weren’t quite long enough for her body. A large would have been too big as she was only 18-20 lbs. I contacted Barkertime, thinking I would have to get a custom design outfit, and they told me that if I only needed the straps longer – there would be no additional cost. I got the new and improved outfit and it was PERFECT! We purchased Equate Night-Time Feminine Pads and they fit like a glove inside the outfit. They were about $9.00 for 30 of them. Because they were thicker and longer, they were more absorbent and she could have 2 or 3 accidents in them and they didn’t soak through! We could actually leave Brena for half a day without worry. This product was an absolute deal-changer for us. Unfortunately, our beloved Brena passed away on 1/16/19. We miss her every day. I have shared your products to everyone and anyone that might need it. I am a volunteer at two non-profits: The Humane Society of Burnett County and Farm, Feral & Stray. I have told them about your website and product. I also donated Brena’s 3 outfits to the Grantsburg Animal Hospital so that someone else might be able to use them. Again, thank you for making it so much easier at the end of Brena’s life. I can’t say enough about your product!”

– Pamela C. (Grantsburg, WI)

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