Thanks for making a great product.

“Gizmo came to us 6 years ago as a foster with a spinal injury. It was love at first sight and we quickly became foster failures. He has issues with urinary dribbling and more recently he has become fecal incontinent. I’ve tried several different diapers but never found the right fit. After placing my order with Barkertime and sending a message with it about fit issues with other diapers, you reached out to me to suggest a fix for the problem by adding a “flap” to provide more coverage underneath. I really appreciated that you took the time to try and make it right. One size does not fit all. Thanks for making a great product. It’s a stressful situation and comforting to have a company that understands and works to make a solution for each dog.”

– Julie Z. (Livermore, CA)

Pomeranian dog diaper