doodle poodle dog diaper

The Barkertime diaper overall worked fabulous and she wore them proudly

“I just lost my Marlee after a long journey and a urinary cancer diagnosis in which Marlee had the sensation to urinate all the time: every few minutes at the end. With the help of these jumpers/diapers, I was able to extend her enjoyment by taking her on vacation to other people’s homes without the fear of an accident. And, because of her wearing these, I was able to spot blood on the pad which led to a definitive diagnosis of urinary cancer. I exchanged pads in them constantly but just rotated 2 jumpers that I had bought from you all and kept her in a fresh one 24/7. She looked adorable and did not mind them at all and they stayed on. She was what they call a “low rider”: she was a Doodle: long body of a daschund but skinny like a poodle, so traditional diapers just fell off of her. The jumper worked fabulous and she wore them proudly. I am so grateful that you all make these. It was difficult in the end with constant urination, but I knew that these jumper diapers would prevent leaks and that was extremely helpful. So, Marlee thanks you and I do as well. Great product!!!! Keep up the good work!”

– Alisa (Nashville, TN)

doodle poodle dog diaper doodle poodle dog diaper doodle poodle dog diaper