These are the best

“For years we have struggled with our cats spraying. He has been neutered since he was six months yet when he turned four years he started to spray in the house. Drugs, calming solutions, various tests, diets, diapers, supplements – nothing worked and our vet clinic was running out of ideas. We even had to build a catio for him because we couldn’t trust him in the house unsupervised and it was causing so much stress on our family always being on edge and watching him, which in turn was causing him stress and worsening the problem.

I knew there HAD to be some solution out there, so when I discovered stud pants I bought two brands to try. These are the best!

They allow him a lot of movement and the tail slot is what raises these above the rest – no more trying to squeeze a fluffy long tail into a tiny hole while your cat is thrashing about on the ground. These are quick and easy to slide on, I can use an Always pad to line it, and they are easy to wash. But best of all, I can let my cat in the house and NOT have to watch his every move. I can sit down and watch TV while he eats and not have to stop the show every time he walks down the hall, or halt my conversation when he starts smelling a box or furniture. I even have hopes that, not having a result when he sprays, it will eventually dissuade him from it and finally help train it back out of him.

If you have a cat that sprays because he’s territorial and it is ruining your relationship with him, or your relationship with others, then give these a try!”

  • Lupus (Veterinary Technician | Oregon)

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