These Barkertime diapers are AMAZING

“This little girl, Mallory, is definitely a labor of love, but she’s full of spunk and curiosity and brings a great deal of joy to my life. She was found, along with her momma and three other litter mates, living under a dumpster in Montebello. Her spine was broken about halfway down – no clue how it happened, no internal injuries or bleeding. She had surgery a couple of months ago to fuse the spine so it stays stable while she grows, and has had recurring diarrhea ever since. She’s not incontinent, but the diarrhea is hard for her to contain. She tested positive for a couple of different parasites but we are continuing to research options. We’ve tried different diapers with no real luck and these Barkertime diapers are AMAZING! I double them with diapers for premature babies for added protection.” – Kristin C. (Los Angeles, CA)

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