“This is Zi. We have three litter boxes and 2 cats (Zi and Meerkat). Zi consistently peed on the carpet in one of our bedrooms and it went unnoticed to the point of it needing to be replaced. Zi overgrooms herself and can pee in the tub and outside of one litterbox which is in the bathroom closet. The overgrooming started way before the move. There does not appear to be any reason that Zi pees outside of the litterbox. I did move her back in September 2020. However she does not appear to be bother bothered by her new cat mate or my boyfriend, Jason. She plays well with Meerkat and often likes to sit on my boyfriend’s lap. I purchased the diaper to ease tensions between my boyfriend and I. We keep the diaper on over night or while we are away from the house for work and errands. We have seen improvements in accidents outside the litterbox. I plan on purchasing the pull up diaper because she does poop in the litterbox. She does ok with me getting the diaper with the trail hole on. I think the pull-up with no tail hole will be a more comfortable fit for for her. I will send updates as to how the other diaper design works.”

– Xochitl L. (Matteson, IL)