I am so happy with these. My male dogs have been lifting their leg in the house, and I have had to put a wrap on them. I was previously using another brand, and the texture of the fabric was too rough, causing an abrasion. The Barkerwear wraps, although more expensive, are definitely worth it, made in the USA, high quality, fit better, and come in cute fabrics to choose from. My dogs are happy!

Lisa L – Playful Dog Belly Band Review - Philadelphia, PA

The XXL was too snug on my German Shepherd. I emailed the company to see if they could make me a size bigger, and they were so kind. They told me to send his measurement and they made one just for him, in the fabric of my choice. It fits him perfectly. I use an incontinence pad made for people, as a liner in the wrap, and it works out very nicely. Thanks Barkerwear!

Lisa L - Philadelphia, PA

My Min Pin has congestive heart failure and due to the high dose of Laxis she has been leaking constantly. It’s particularly bad when she sleeps and had no idea she’s peeing. I wanted to find a diaper that would work for her. Originally I ordered a small in this diaper and it was too small but the medium was perfect. She can walk around in this diaper and it’s very well made.

Heather C. - Gray, GA

Dogs weren’t crazy about them, but it sure did the job!

Victoria B.

Awesome pee wrap. Best one we ever had!!!

Deborah K.

The Barkerwear Dog Diaper is excellent. I love the durablity as well as the excellent fit. It is not tight and uncomfortable for my older Yorkie who is starting to have some bouts of incontinence. Cute little pattern too. Thank you.

Peggy D.

I love this. It fits my 18 lb jap chin mix great. Holds the pad nicely. Velco stays tight. And super cute too.


We bought this for our standard poodle in a size large, it fit true to size with the measurements we took. The waist band has a bit of elastic in it and with the wide velcro straps and the soft fabric we believe this fit her comfortably! The hole for the tail seemed small at first, but fit well with plenty of room for her to wag and move as she normally does. We bought this particular diaper because she was in heat and those disposable ones were really bothersome (she was always biting through them and tearing them to shreds). The design is pretty and feminine and she was so much happier with the cloth diaper (lined with two pantyliners in the shape of a T for easy hygiene). We received the item in a timely fashion, despite living in Alaska where we oftentimes see delays in shipping, and it came as described. Great product! Great seller!

freezinnak - North Pole, AK

The product came true to size, as described. It fits our standard poodle perfectly! We received this within the time estimated, despite living in Alaska where shipments can easily be delayed. The material on the diaper is soft, and comfortable with elastic in the waist and plenty of room for adjustment within the wide velcro strips.

Cier B. - North Pole, AK

The elastic makes all the difference on this dog wrap. I’ve tried a bunch of lower priced wraps (some worked some didn’t) and this by far is the best designed and to me it looks like it’s the most comfortable for my dog. The elastic keeps it from riding down too low which with other wraps can lead to my dog being exposed enough to pee out the front and the velcro is high quality and doesn’t come undone as my dog rubs against things. Would have been cheaper for me if this were the first one I bought. I will buy another…Love the plaid by the way!

Chopperfritzz - San Francisco, CA

This is so funny, but cute and easy to put on. Most important? It works!

Elizabeth H. - Oro Valley, AZ

My order came in very fast and the shop owner was very friendly and helped me make sure that I had the right size britches for my dog. They fit her great and look great also! Thank you so much!

Kelsey P. - Valdosta, GA

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