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Her name is Lilly, and the diaper is a perfect fit! We tried a few different brands, but yours is our favorite. We will be buying more!
Washable Dog Diapers - Made in USA

Lily - Yorktown, VA

I finally found a dog diaper that fits and doesn’t bother Brandy.


We are new to needing doggie diapers or belly bands. Following cancer surgery last month Dozer began dribbling urine anytime he is standing. I had ordered a different type of band online and the first time he wore it he had blood dripping the next morning and it had rubbed him raw. I was discussing it on a boxer site that I’m on and someone recommended barkertime. I am so glad she did. We received our first band and it is the minky fabric. He seems so much more comfortable. He is not walking stiff like he was with the other ones rubbing his hind legs. Thank you so much. I ordered 2 more this morning.


The greatest thing for our aging dog. It fits very well, she cannot get it off and it’s saving our carpets big time! Oh and it washes well too. I would recommend buying two so when it’s being laundered you have a spare!

The greatest thing for our aging dog

Sumo is a 5 month old Bulldog who was born with Spina Bifada, he cannot co troglodyte potty and will be a diaper-baby all his life. Sumo is the newest member of Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR). I am Sumo’s Foster Mom and Sumo will live with me and my family Iwhile we complete work on his medical issues.
Once Sumo passes his medical, SCBR will find a suitable forever home for Sumo, a home familiar with Bulldogs who are also diaper babies. Your products are fabulous and make my life easier as a foster Mom!  And your products will be a real plus for the folks who ultimately adopt Sumo. Thank you so much!!
Debra & Sumo

Sumo - Perris, CA

Jake is Ron’s dog.  Ron and I shared a wonderful friendship for over thirty years and finally married in August 2016.  In May 2017 I lost my husband and best friend to cancer.  Before he passed, I promised Ron that I would take care of Jake and am doing just that with the help of Barketime.  Jake is over 15 years old.  More frequently these days he has a difficult time controlling his bladder.  After only a month using Barkertime Escape-Proof Overalls, Jake “assumes the position” after a walk outside knowing that I will be putting on his Barkertime Diaper Overall.  He is both comfortable and happy. Thank you Barkertime for helping me in taking good care of Jake.
In memory of my beautiful and beloved husband, Ron.

Jake - Hoffman Estates, IL

Gracie has bladder cancer and is incontinent.  Your female dog diapers have allowed her the same access to our home as she had before surgery.  We love her “pants.”

Gracie - Westminster, MD

Caprina aka Bean is an 11+ year old Italian Spinone with, unfortunately, urinary incontinence. We tried paper diapers but those things just don’t stay on. I found your website and after reading the testimonials I thought I give them a try. Your online support was timely and most helpful in sizing her. The diapers were delivered promptly. I found them very well-made and cute as a button. Plus they fit! I feel very grateful finding your company and please keep up the good work

Caprina aka Bean - Wye Mills, MD

I have brought almost every brand on Amazon, Petsmart, and Petco; Barkertime is by far the best ones. The material is very good quiality and extra thick in the places it needs to be (private area). All the other brands I had bought seem to be “low riders” on my dog. The area between the waist and begining of tail seem to short for her. She is a mix poodle (10″ waist, 4″ around thigh & 5 1/2 from waist – beginning of tail). The xs Fits perfectly on her. Worth to buy, highly recommend, and offers cute designs. Thank you very much, I love them, will be seeing more purchase from me in the future!

Best cloth dog diapers ever!

These diapers are great if anyone has a dog that pulls out the panty liners out of the diaper or rips the sides off of the liner and shreds them you have to try these they are such good quality in the stitching that the tail is nicely tapered along with around the legs you can hide the liner right inside them so they can’t pull there liner out from the side

Give them a try they are superb quality
Highly recommend

These diapers are great if anyone has a dog that pulls out the …

Donovan is a red Norwich Terrier who has a marking issue. Have struggled to find something that will work. Belly bands alone have not. Have also tried other garments like this, but this is of greater quality. You definitely get what you pay for in this game. My mother is a seamstress and this gets her stamp of approval

Donovan Norwich Terrier - Nellysford, VA

Molly is a very stubborn bully! She was always able to wriggle out of diapers. With the Barkertime Premium Water-proof Diaper and suspenders, my little monster is protected, and so are my floors and furniture! The diaper fits as expected and the suspenders are light-weight and comfortable for her to wear in ANY position, but usually snoring upside down on the bed.

Megan Randel (Fitchburg, WI)

Barkertime Dog Diapers and Suspenders Barkertime Dog Diapers and Suspenders Barkertime Dog Diapers and Suspenders Barkertime Dog Diapers and Suspenders

Molly - Fitchburg, WI

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