“Grits suffered a tail pull injury on Christmas. Due to the injury he lost bladder control. This Barkertime diaper has been a life saver and so much less messy! He can still use the litter box for #2 but I don’t have to worry about him making a mess everywhere! It’s been great!”

– Molly F. (Rome, GA)
cat diaper stud pants

A life saver and so much less messy

“Penny has not yet come into season but I couldn’t be more please with the quality of this Barkertime diaper for when she does. I was a little worried when ordering it about the fit however once I received it I was extremely pleased. Great products and amazing quality, thanks Barkertime 💕”

– Alese H. (Port Charlotte, FL)
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper
french bulldog dog diaper

Great products and amazing quality

Fits great!

Renee B. (Valencia, CA)

Fits great!

These Barkertime diapers have been a lifesaver!! We have used others but since Tallulah is a little on plump side since her rear legs are paralyzed, the others we’ve used, the straps dig into her sides. I ordered from Barkertime specifically for the wide straps and they’re great! They even helped us when we accidentally ordered the wrong size. Tallulah seems so much happier now and more comfortable. Can’t wait to order more.

Heidi W. (Virginia Beach, VA)
cat diaper stud pants

So much happier now and more comfortable

Molly’s new Barkertime pants make air travel and hotel visits worry free! And she feels so sharp in her new panties!

Jane C. (Fort White, FL)

So sharp in her new panties


Désolée de vous parler en français mais c’est plus simple pour moi !

Je suis ravie de ce bandeau pour incontinence urinaire de mon loulou . j’ai du lui ajouter les bretelles que je vous avais acheter précédemment pour un protège couche culotte , car Brahm’s du fait de sa dégénérescence neurologique à le corps tout vrillé et l’arrière train lui pose de gros problèmes.

Je vous remercie du fonds du cœur pour cette livraison très rapide même si je déplore que les frais (livraison + douanes) soient supérieurs à vos créations

J’attends la fin de ce mois pour vous repasser commande pour avoir du change.

A très bientôt et bon courage pour votre entreprise

Nadine et Brahm ( ST JEAN DE BRAYE, France)


I love that I’m not cleaning pee off my walls from spraying any longer. It was so frustrating and I’ve tried everything. Peanut Butter is finally becoming accustomed to Barkertime diapers and even lifts his feet up when I put them on him. I am still getting Neko accustomed to them. I’m order 5 more of the pull-ups. They work best for them.

Phyllis L. (Charlotte, NC)
cat diaper stud pants
cat diaper stud pants

Finally becoming accustomed

My family are big fans of Barkertime website. They have purchased over 8 diapers from your company. We wanted to send a picture of Byron rocking his patriotic diaper. Thank you again!

Lauren S. (Ponte Vedra, FL)
chihuahua dog diaper

Thank you again

Wow – this thing is brilliant!!! Thank you.

Tina C. (Philadelphia, PA)
shihtzu poodle dog diaper suspender harness


“Archie has recently become a Pet Therapy Dog at the hospital that saved my life when I got leukemia. Because Archie has a broken back and severed spinal cord I have to express Archie’s bladder every 3 hours; but he poops when he gets excited and he gets very excited when we arrive at the hospital. Barkertime diaper allows him to do pet therapy because it catches the poop. So many patients, staff and visitors are inspired by Archie when he rolls down the halls in his wheelchair. Thank you for giving both of us this opportunity to give joy to others.”

Diana A. (Missouri City, TX)

Thank you for giving both of us this opportunity to give joy to others

Hi! Please see my foster bulldog named buddy! He was rescued by Georgia English Bulldog rescue. We currently have 4 of Barkertime diapers and this is the only way I can keep a diaper on him!

Ana R. (Atlanta, GA)

The only way I can keep a diaper on him

“We are so pleased with these Barkertime diapers. We purchased the no tail hole style for our Rottweiler pup (9 mos). They are well made and very adjustable. We expect them to last as she grows. Freya was more comfortable in these than other brands we had tried which did not fit right. She quickly adjusted to the routine of taking them off to go out and waiting to put her pants back on to be in the house.”

– Barbara Q. (Perth Amboy, NJ)
rottweiler dog diaper

More comfortable in these than other brands

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