“Louise has Spina Bifida and requires many changes a day, these adorable Barkertime diapers are handy, just have to change the pad inside . Love the no tail option… already ordered 3 more pairs”

– Virginia B. (Watervliet, NY)

dog diaper

Louise has Spina Bifida

“Henry Hill is a 15 yr old Boston Terrier. He still plays, even tho he’s deaf and mostly blind. He’s happy and pain free, just poops when he sleeps, which his mom does not like since he sleeps on the bed. Barkertime keeps our blankets clean. Thank you!”

– Nancy C. (Brooklyn Park, MN)

boston terrier dog diaper boston terrier dog diaper

Barkertime keeps our blankets clean

“Rosie is 11 mos old Frenchie with congenital bladder defects. We knew very early her dribbles weren’t normal and diapers would be her future. The specialist recommended she have one heat before spay to possibly help improve her bladder muscle. So here were are! Three weeks in and the Barkertime diaper overall recommended by my Frenchie group on FB are perfect! Fashionable, escape proof and easy on and off. Rosie looks great!!”

– Ellie S. (Ventnor City, NJ)

Fashionable, escape proof and easy on and off

“Oliver has had pee problems his entire life. We have tried diapers in the past and they were a messy disaster. So far, the Barkertime diaper pull up is working. He does try to hide when I put it on him, but he leaves it on, so that’s a win. He can still poop and as long as I change the pad every 4 hours or so, he stays clean and dry.”

– Jaime L. (Menominee, MI)

domestic shorthair cat diaper

The Barkertime diaper pull up is working

“My dachshund Buddy is incontinent and these Barkertime overalls have been such a blessing to us! Kind of hard to see black on black but we are hoping to purchase another pair or two! Thank you!!”

– Mallory M. (Silverton, OR)

dachshund wiener dog diaper dachshund wiener dog diaper

Such a blessing

“Our life and our pet’s lives have improved enormously, since she is using Barkertime diapers.”

– Paula C. (Fairview, NJ)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Lives have improved enormously

“These Barkertime coveralls are terrific for both senior dogs as well as puppies! I was soooo happy I got these boys dressed this morning. Mr. Peabody is wearing waterproof pants with a liner. At age 12, he needs a little help keeping things dry. Barkertime saved me a big clean-up this morning. At 5 months, Chip is still learning house manners, but he seems to understand as long as the pants are on, you wait before you ‘go.’ I’m very satisfied and grateful for this product. These Barkertime coveralls are thoughtfully designed and are of quality construction. I especially recommend the waterproof pants. Wish I had found Barkertime a long time ago. Thank you, folks.”

– Sharon C. (Homer, LA)

italian greyhound dog diaper

Thoughtfully designed and of quality construction

cat diaper

“Mr. Rodgers keeps it on majority of the day. I’m sure it’s comfortable because he does not try to take it off. And it works for potty training and spraying.”

– Jazmin M. (Clifton, NJ)

cat diaper

Works for potty training and spraying.

“Thanks for sending so quickly! It’s great quality and fits Blu great. Will definitely be getting another!”

– Kayla A. (Greenville, PA)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper

Great quality

“This is Margo. We adopted her from a pet rescue and knew that she would need a diaper for the rest of her life. After much research and trial and error we have found that the Barkertime’s are the only things that actually keep her diaper on! We are so thankful we have discovered them and will order many more!”

– Emily L. (Morgantown, WV)

english bulldog dog diaper english bulldog dog diaper english bulldog dog diaper

The only things that actually keep her diaper on

“This Barkertime diaper thing works great!!! Lucy tends to get up in the middle of the night to poop and she’d be sitting in it until I woke up and changed her. Not anymore!!! Thank you for a perfect solution! Size medium is perfect for my 17 lb pug.”

– Heidi R. (Highlands Ranch, CO)

pug dog diaper

Perfect solution

“It’s been a learning curve for my puppy, Lucy, and I to say the least. Barkertime diapers have helped tremendously in keeping us both happy and together. Thank you!”

Trina W. (Michigan City, IN)

boston bull terrier dog diaper boston bull terrier dog diaper

Keeping us both happy and together

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