“Hi my name is Maxwell and I am temporarily unable to get around after a disc ruptured and bruised my spinal cord. I am healing and can already sit up. I’m getting therapy and doctor said I absolutely will be walking again in a few weeks. I love my Barkertime overalls because they keep my diaper in place very well. Thank you Barkertime ❤️”

– Maxwell (Worth, IL)

chihuahua dog diaper

Temporarily unable to get around

“It’s the perfect fit for my 110 lbs German Shepherd who lost her hind leg mobility. I will definitely order some more, so far I am very happy with this Barkertime product.”

– Angelika P. (Fayetteville, NC)

german shepherd dog diaper

Very happy

“Our mini dachshund Poppy had her first heat at 8 months old and we were so glad to find this product. It was super comfortable for her to wear and she could not get out of it because it is completely length and width adjustable! Kept all the discharge in place with a liner and was very easy to wash and durable (no loose threads, very well made). We chose chocolate colour to blend in with her fur. It was very easy to put on and off and we were pleased to note that there was adequate room for her to pass stools (without soiling the material), but still cover and protect her genitals from staining floor and our couch. Delivery time was good, however, shipping costs to Australia are quite expensive (the product seems very good quality and durable so it will last a while). Really wish there was a local distributor with stock in Australia (there is nothing this good on offer in our country!). I am now about to order a chocolate-coloured belly band (usually they are used for male dogs’ incontinence but we are going to re-purpose it’s use to help support her swollen mammary glands that have yet to resolve post heat). Thanks Barkertime!”

– Trinity P. (Queensland, Australia)

dachshund dog diaper

Super comfortable for her to wear and she could not get out of it

“This is Zi. We have three litter boxes and 2 cats (Zi and Meerkat). Zi consistently peed on the carpet in one of our bedrooms and it went unnoticed to the point of it needing to be replaced. Zi overgrooms herself and can pee in the tub and outside of one litterbox which is in the bathroom closet. The overgrooming started way before the move. There does not appear to be any reason that Zi pees outside of the litterbox. I did move her back in September 2020. However she does not appear to be bother bothered by her new cat mate or my boyfriend, Jason. She plays well with Meerkat and often likes to sit on my boyfriend’s lap. I purchased the diaper to ease tensions between my boyfriend and I. We keep the diaper on over night or while we are away from the house for work and errands. We have seen improvements in accidents outside the litterbox. I plan on purchasing the pull up diaper because she does poop in the litterbox. She does ok with me getting the diaper with the trail hole on. I think the pull-up with no tail hole will be a more comfortable fit for for her. I will send updates as to how the other diaper design works.”

– Xochitl L. (Matteson, IL)


“Wow! Just WOW! After months of searching and purchasing disposable and washable diapers that were supposedly the right size for my bull mastiff, we finally hit pay dirt! We both love love love this Barkertime diaper! It fits perfectly and it STAYS ON!
No more waking up in a pool of pee (for me) and washing my bed several times a week; yes, she sleeps with me. I can also go back to having carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months instead of 3 (a savings of $600)! With the savings on carpet cleaning, I can buy several of these and still net a savings!

I can’t thank you enough for making these lovely “accessories” that are true to size, comfortable, pretty and effective. You have saved my carpet, Sidy’s dignity, and my marriage!”

– Gabrielle Z. (Harrisburg, PA)

dog diaper dog diaper

Fits perfectly and it STAYS ON

“Here is Sweep, our 14-year old border collie, getting ready for her water treadmill physical therapy session in her new Barkertime itsy bitsy teeny weeny pretty little red bikini swim diaper! It worked perfectly as intended, and our physical therapist was so happy she didn’t have to clean out the entire treadmill tank 😉 We are so glad we discovered your website, because p.t. had become a pretty stressful experience, never knowing what might happen!”

– Emily K. (Bellingham, WA)

border collie swim diaper hydrotherapy dog

Treadmill physical therapy

“George loves his Barkertime overall! I’ll be ordering another!”

– Adrian C. (Peachtree City, GA)

french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper french bulldog dog diaper


“We started using Barkertime products to prevent some behavioral spraying until we can work it out of Goma’s modus operandi. They’re working well and we’ll need to pick up some more soon, so I just had to snatch up your offer.”

– Collin O. (Bradley, IL)

cat diaper stud pants

They’re working well

“These Barkertime overalls made a huge difference. Just the way our bulldog walks caused diapers to slide off. Cost effective!! One overall equals just 2 packs of doggie diapers!!”

– Adrianne A. (Glendale, AZ)

english bulldog dog diaper english bulldog dog diaper

A huge difference

“Violet’s a bit chunky but it still fits, and she doesn’t seem to mind Barkertime diaper overall so far. Thanks!”

– Kathleen E. (Sayreville, NJ)

dachshund dog diaper

It still fits

“Nidabell is 13. This beauty can no longer hold it so we hit up Barkertime. Our carpets are staying clean and Nidabell is looking so fashionable.”

– Joshua H. (Rapid City, SD)

pug dog diaper

So fashionable

“Really thankful for this product!”

– Corey R. (Midland, MI)


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