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Black and White Gingham Diaper Suspender Harness to Keep Dog Diapers On

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  • Perfect complement to any diaper to keep it from sliding off your dog.
  • Easy-on easy-off harness design in beautiful color options for your dog’s unique and fashionable look
  • Strong and long-lasting metal clips that grip the diaper safely and securely. Works with both disposable (paper) diapers and reusable (cloth) diapers
  • Fully adjustable for a secure and customized fit. With Barkertime Suspender Harness, no more saggy diapers!

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Use Barkertime Pet Diaper Suspender Harness to help diapers stay on your dog and maximize use of the diapers. The suspender harness is easy to put on and take off, fully adjustable, functional and available in beautiful colors and print options. The harness attaches to the diaper with strong and long-lasting metal clips that securely grip any disposable or reusable diaper and keep it on. Machine washable. Highly recommended with Barkertime Washable Dog Diapers.

Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

3 reviews for Black and White Gingham Diaper Suspender Harness to Keep Dog Diapers On

  1. Amber Riley

    Worth the price. I have a cat who can shimmy out of diapers (as he’s not disabled, just wanting to pee where he shouldn’t despite being treated for UTIs, being on a special food, trying several different medications, etc) but the suspender/diaper combos (where they’re all one piece) were not as absorbent as I needed and gave me more to wash that really didn’t need it (since the suspender part was fine). With these suspenders, I’m able to change out diapers as needed and wash only what needs washing. The feel very heavy duty and well made and my cat has yet to figure a way out of them (unlike the other two suspender/diaper combos he’s been in). My only con would be that I need to keep adjusting the straps because, if they do get too long, I know he’ll shimmy out of the diapers but I think that’ll be an easy fix with either a clip of some kind or baby safety pins. I would highly recommend these suspenders and will be buying a second one as soon as I figure out what color I want. Considering some of the suspender/diaper sets I bought were near $50 a piece, I find this price reasonable especially since it allows me to keep the suspender portion on him while changing the diaper, meaning it’s a lot quicker to do and less stress on him (granted, he also gets wet food so he doesn’t mind as much). I assume if my cat can stay stuck in it, most dogs shouldn’t be able to wriggle their way out either.

  2. Dawn

    Olah Belle is 11 yrs young and is partially paralyzed with bladder & incontinence issues. She’s a happy go lucky lady who loves her new “digs” and thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much Barkertime for this awesome setup! We love it ❤️

  3. Tina

    Wow – this thing is brilliant!!! Thank you.

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