Leopard Premium Waterproof Cat Diaper

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Perfectly hand-crafted diapers for cats with incontinence issues, female cats in heat (piddling cats) and spraying male cats. Each diaper is thoughtfully designed with multiple layers of protection, giving you peace of mind and your pet comfort during “messy” times. Available in hundreds of fun prints and designs for your stylish cat.

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Why Barkertime® Diapers are Better for Your Pet?

The Best (Medical-Grade) Materials For Unrivaled Absorbency and Waterproofing

Unique Design that Suits Your Furbaby's Needs

Quality Unmatched. Functional and Fashionable

11 reviews for Leopard Premium Waterproof Cat Diaper

  1. Susan

    Great quality and style!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Amazing product, amazing customer service! We love Barkertime. We use their belly bands for small breed male dogs and we use their cat diaper for a paralyzed cat we have (we operate a non-profit animal rescue/adoption organization). I can’t say enough great things about this product. Durable, stylish, reliable and easy to use. Highly recommend!

  3. Amanda

    Love Love These !!! Well made and WORK EXCELLANT ! Pads and diapers highly recommend !!

    So worth every Penny !!

    I rate these as a TEN !

    Thanks so Much Barkertime !

  4. Amanda

    Thanks so much !! I use these for my cat ! Saved my carpets and flooring ! Well put together product ! Washes nice and my cat doesn’t mind wearing them. I for sure recommend these products . Thanks so much for making these !
    These are worth every penny !!

  5. Amanda

    These work so well I ordered more ! You and your pet will be so glad you tried these !
    Very satisfied !!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Just got our diaper today (VERY fast shipping, arrived much earlier than anticipated). I really love it! It’s super cute and very well made. I had to figure out something for my stud cat that has been urinating all around the house. I was very upset that I might have to confine him but this diaper has given me and my family a way to keep him included and active. I did accidentally order the wrong size (he is 14lbs right now and 18″ around his waist. I ordered the large but it’s too big so I will be ordering the medium). I will keep the bigger one as back up and put him in the smaller one when it arrives. Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some pictures of him in it when we get the new one.

    **In addition to this diaper I am using Tena incontinence pads, overnight size, cut it half.

  7. Gwenevere27

    These worked great for my chubby cat. She’s just about 20 pounds and the Large were the right size for her. The medium were a bit too snug. This was much better than disposables and my kitty liked them better as well. She was having some issues and peeing on the bed so this was a great solution. She is better now and we finally figured out that she was upset about the litter box being exposed and next to the washer. Anyway, these were adorable and she didn’t mind them too much. Although she did figure out how to wiggle out of them after several hours so I would recommend the harness too. Oh, and they were easy to wash and showed no real issues after washing.

  8. Nevia

    My male ragdoll cat is of breeding age and my female just had kittens. He has been spraying so I haven’t been able to put them together without very close supervision for a while. Now with his new diaper he not only can hang out with her but he can snuggle with his kittens and clean them which is something he really likes to do.

    Thank you so much for this great product and I would like to order more!

  9. Chad R

    These diapers were a lifesaver in our household, and we bought a total of 3 we kept in rotation. We had a male cat that started marking around all areas of the house. On clothes, walls, the bed, and just about every surface he could. After 6 separate visits to vets, and the use of pheromones, special cat litter, and adding additional litter boxes throughout our house, we finally decided to give diapers a try, after the vets concluded it was behavioral due to the outside strays marking around our house.

    We were able to train him like a dog, to let us know when to put him in a small room with a litterbox when he had to “Go Potty”. It did take a little time, but he did not pee in the diaper and would wait to go use the litter box. It took us about 4 months of using the diaper, which we would rotate every day or every other day. He got used to the process and eventually cooperated completely in putting the diaper on. It has been just about 2 months that we have been able to take his diaper off and weekly inspect the house with a black light. I clean the boxes daily, and there is a good amount of pee for 3 cats. We always have the diapers if we need to go back to them, but hopefully, they helped us curb the marking for good.

    We are so lucky this company offered a solution that worked for Morpheus when we felt like we were out of options. The sizing was also great – we got a small and it fit perfectly.

  10. Rachel

    Lenox is a 10 week old foster kitten who was brought for euthanasia to the vet clinic where I work. She’s happy and healthy and paraplegic. Hoping to find her a home! She and I both like the cheetah diaper we just received from Barkertime. Thank you!

  11. Lauren

    This is Mars, an incontinent cat at the animal shelter where I work. He’s learning to use Barkertime diapers so that some lucky person can adopt this affectionate and handsome stud!

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  • Perfect for incontinent senior cats, female cats in heat (piddling cats) and spraying male cats
  • Easy to put on with adjustable hook-and-loop tabs for a great customized fit. Available in hundreds of prints and designs to choose from for your stylish furbaby
  • Multiple layers of protection: 100% waterproof fabric on the outside for complete leak protection, super-soft innermost lining that wicks away liquid fast, and up to 3 layers of super absorbent materials (10x absorbency than weight) for the most absorbency. You will not get this kind of protection and quality from any other cat diapers on the market.
  • Optional: For EXTRA protection, use Barkertime reusable diaper liners (sold separately). If your pet is not used to wearing diapers, try our diaper suspenders
  • Machine washable (Delicate cycle). Tumble or air dry only
Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.
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