Denim Adjustable Suspender to Keep Dog Diapers On

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  • Perfect complement to help keep diapers from falling off your dog and give a unique and fashionable look. Recommended with Barkertime Washable Dog Diapers
  • Made with top quality and lightweight suspender clips that grip the diaper safely and securely. Suspender strap made with durable fabric
  • Fully adjustable for a secure and customized fit. Suspenders hold disposable or washable fabric diapers
  • Machine washable

Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

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11 reviews for Denim Adjustable Suspender to Keep Dog Diapers On

  1. Buddy Beamon

    My Mom was very upset when I hurt my back, but did her best to keep me dry & comfortable. I was scared, didn’t know why I peed-n-pooped on myself, and in a drugged state. Then my mom bought these suspenders and we were able to keep my bed & cage dry! Can’t say much about diapers, but at least they stay on! We would recommend this seller and products to any animal and their moms-n-dads very highly. My suspenders are well made, and very strong! Thank you so much for helping my mom! Now she has more time for me and not doing laundry or shampooing the carpet all the time! PS… I’m not in trouble any more for accidents. Maybe these diapers do have a good reason for existing.

  2. mandy backes

    His doggie diaper hasn’t came off yet! He always manages to get them off but hasn’t when he has the suspenders on.

  3. Voracious Reader

    Great quality product! Easy to wash. Easy to use. I highly recommend them.

  4. Joanne D

    These suspenders are a life saver for me. It holds the diapers in place. I like it so well, I will order another pair

  5. Joanne Dann

    These are the best things ever invented for doggies. They hold the diaper on securely.

  6. angeldmj45


  7. Amazon Customer

    Really works at holding the diapers on. Thank God!

  8. Wei Lin Cheng

    My 11 years old Frenchie is suffering from IVD. He’s not in any pain but is gradually losing control of his rear legs and his bladder. He will have little pee pee accidents while he eats… he’s an enthusiastic eater. Well, no worries now with his new diaper outfits. Thank you for suggesting the diaper overall for his stubborn body type. It fits him perfectly. The male wrap with the suspender works great too. Both products are adorable and well made in the USA. I’m glad to have found you! Keep up with the good work!

  9. Cynthia D

    These suspenders worked out great!! My 10 year old bulldog has incontinence issues from cancer medication and the diapers just kept sliding off of her narrow hips. These suspenders are comfortable on the dog and hold the diapers on perfectly.

  10. CC

    These suspenders are fabulous! My senior bulldog has developed incontinence from cancer medication and the diapers kept sliding off. There are no suspenders sold in our local pet stores, so I was thrilled to find these and the plus is they’re made in the USA!! Thank you, Barkertime, for a quality product at a reasonable price and it keeps those diapers in place!

    Barkertime Denim Dog Diaper Suspenders

  11. CSM

    Perfect! Thanks

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Use Barkertime Dog Diaper Suspender to help diapers stay on your dog and maximize use of the diapers. The suspenders are made with high quality and lightweight suspender clips that grip the diaper safely and securely. The suspender strap is fully adjustable for a secure and customized fit. Machine washable. Highly recommended with Barkertime Washable Dog Diapers.

Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

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