Denim Dog Drag Bag

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  • Help your paralyzed or handicapped pet improve mobility while staying dry and clean. With our Drag Bag, you can save your floors and furniture, and have your pet scoot around safely and freely again without accidents
  • The bottom cover is made with durable water-resistant nylon material to help keep floors clean from accidents. The drag bag improves your dog’s mobility thanks to the nylon material which slides easily and smoothly on carpets, any smooth surface floors, grass and snow without the crunchy crackling noise.
  • The zipper on top makes the drag bag super easy to put on and take off and the elastic allows for custom fit around your dog’s body. The front cover of the drag bag is made with breathable fabric and available in cute prints, so your dog can always scoot around in style

Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.