Denim Dog Diaper Overall

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Handcrafted to perfection so your furbaby can stay clean and comfortable while you have complete peace of mind. The Escape-Proof Dog Diaper Overall is suitable for both male and female dogs with incontinence issues, behavioral marking, excitable urination or females in heat. Specifically designed for the “Houdini” escape-artist dogs that have difficulty keeping diapers on. The best Full-Body Suit solution for your furbaby available in hundreds of prints and designs.

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Why Barkertime® Diaper Overalls are Better for Your Pet?

Unique Design that Suits Your Furbaby’s Needs

  • Escape-Proof! Even for the Most Talented Escape Artist!
  • Suitable for Both Male and Female Dogs
  • Fun Colorful Designs for Your Dog’s Wardrobe
  • Sizes for Every Dog, Large or Small
  • Fecal Incontinence? No problem!

Quality Unmatched. Functional and Fashionable

The Best (Medical-Grade) Materials For Unrivaled Absorbency and Waterproofing

  • American-Made Super Absorbent Material
    (10x absorbency than weight)
  • Innermost Layer Wicks Away Liquid Fast to Keep Your Pet Dry and Comfy
  • 100% Waterproof Layer to Protect Against Leaks
  • Option to Add Liners for Extra Protection
  • Machine Washable and Dryable


  • Suitable for all dogs including odd-shaped or long-body dogs such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Dachshund, and Weiner. Designed for “Houdini” escape artists or dogs having difficulty keeping their diapers in place
  • Built-in collar and connecting straps are fully adjustable to get the most comfortable fit for your dog. The extended bottom wing provides complete protection, especially for male dogs. Perfect for dogs with excitable urination, incontinent senior dogs, female dogs in heat, or male dogs with marking issues
  • Triple layers of protection: high-quality fabric on the outside, super-soft lining on the inside and a waterproof moisture barrier completely sewn on between the outer shell and the lining for maximum leakage protection. You will not get this kind of protection and quality from any other doggie diapers on the market
  • Easy to put on and take off with adjustable hook-and-loop tabs for a great customized fit. Available in hundreds of prints and designs to choose from for your stylish furbaby. For EXTRA protection, use Barkertime reusable diaper liners (sold separately) together with this diaper. Machine washable (Delicate cycle). Tumble or air dry only
Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

14 reviews for Denim Dog Diaper Overall

  1. Sara Monroe

    I am very happy with the quality and the way it fits my border collie and she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. Thank you for a good product that also fits large dogs.

  2. Wei Lin Cheng

    My 11 years old Frenchie is suffering from IVD. He’s not in any pain but is gradually losing control of his rear legs and his bladder. He will have little pee pee accidents while he eats… he’s an enthusiastic eater. Well, no worries now with his new diaper outfits. Thank you for suggesting the diaper overall for his stubborn body type. It fits him perfectly. The male wrap with the suspender works great too. Both products are adorable and well made in the USA. I’m glad to have found you! Keep up with the good work!

  3. Sonia E

    Beautiful set and fast delivery-thank you!

  4. Lindsay

    Absolutely love these!! My frenchie Lola had her first heat cycle and I couldn’t keep any diapers on her and it was driving me crazy!!! I ordered these and they fit perfectly and are obviously very comfortable to her because she doesn’t even try to get them off!! Thank you Barkertime! You made my life so much easier!!

  5. Lina

    This is the third diaper we try for our dog. I bought a Medium size (he is a Westin and his waist is 18 in) and it works really well. The previous ones we tried only rapped around his waist and he could get out of them in seconds. This one really stays in place and the pad absorbs very well for the anxious drip. But, he is uncomfortable. For the first few days he would just stay in the same place and it would take a lot of calling and coaxing to make him walk (he did look very funny walking). He is getting used to it and moving a little better.
    We bought a Large size one to see if it improved, and although he is more comfortable (he moves almost as much as when he doesn’t have the diaper on), it is too big and it falls off his back.
    Overall, it works well, but I will try other similar ones (overall design) for a better fit.

    We have been using the diaper for a little over a month mow and I’m happy to report that the marking has stopped all together! We don’t even need to put the diaper liner anymore. He has gotten used to the diaper and is very comfortable with it, he runs and plays just as when he does not have a diaper on. We are using the large size one all the time, just adjust the velcro to have a snug fit around the belly. We have also noticed that the excitable urination is almost gone now. We did try a cotton dog diaper overall but it was really difficult to get on and off; since we do let him out several times a day, it was a pain. The Barkertime is easy to get on and off once you get use to it.

  6. Linda p

    Gets the job done in style!! Make sure insert is well placed. True to size. Washes well

  7. Tony B.

    Donovan is a red Norwich Terrier who has a marking issue. Have struggled to find something that will work. Belly bands alone have not. Have also tried other garments like this, but this is of greater quality. You definitely get what you pay for in this game. My mother is a seamstress and this gets her stamp of approval

  8. Julie

    Works very well on my handicapped French Bulldog. He has some urinary incontinence problems due to a back issue. Typical belly bands are hard to keep on him due to his stout little Frenchie body. This works well for staying in place to catch any errant tinkle. He gets a little nervous when I put it on but once it’s on he acts just fine and can walk like normal. He has yet to escape the diaper, so I’d call it escape-proof, for sure.

  9. Lucille Guilbault

    fits very well and works well. No issues. Great buy.

  10. Marie R

    Nutmeg’s digging her overalls! Helps us visit friends and family without worrying about accidents!

  11. Rebecca

    1st escape proof diaper for Vinnie Bag 0 Donuts 🐶💕

  12. Ellie

    Rosie is 11 mos old Frenchie with congenital bladder defects. We knew very early her dribbles weren’t normal and diapers would be her future. The specialist recommended she have one heat before spay to possibly help improve her bladder muscle. So here were are! Three weeks in and the Barkertime diaper overall recommended by my Frenchie group on FB are perfect! Fashionable, escape proof and easy on and off. Rosie looks great!!

  13. Carrie

    Rebel took to wearing this Barkertime Diaper Overall quite well, except he whines! He will get used to it, I love not having the surprises all the time. Made very well and so easy to get on him, not always the case with our little fat boy. He is an almost 14yr old dachshund. Even his dad is impressed with this

  14. Tosha

    I tried 3-4 different diaper products trying to go a cheaper route. After sending every one of them back, I caved and bought the Barkertime brand. Ummmmmm what?!!!! They are ahhhhhmahhhhzing! It works so well, is super heavy duty, yet comfortable, AND it stays on all day and night. I’m going to order a second one for when the one I bought is washing. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!

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