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Flower Garden on White Premium Waterproof Dog Diaper

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Perfectly hand-crafted diapers for female dogs with incontinence issues, excitable urination and female dogs in heat. Each diaper is thoughtfully designed with multiple layers of protection, giving you peace of mind and your pet comfort during “messy” times. Available in hundreds of prints and designs for your stylish furbaby.

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Why Barkertime® Diapers are Better for Your Pet?

The Best (Medical-Grade) Materials For Unrivaled Absorbency and Waterproofing

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Unique Design that Suits Your Furbaby's Needs

Quality Unmatched. Functional and Fashionable

3 reviews for Flower Garden on White Premium Waterproof Dog Diaper

  1. Laura E.

    Annie turned 13 today and is wearing a new Barkertime diaper to celebrate! She is a playful, active Dalmatian who oversees all activities in the household including being the pack leader over her younger Labrador brother who is twice her size. Before we rescued Annie she lived on the streets long enough to become ill and emaciated. We’re not exactly sure why but Annie has slowly lost bladder control over the course of the 10 years she has been part of our family. About 6 months ago we had to start using diapers all the time instead of just pads on surfaces. The disposable diapers came unstuck when she jumped or sometimes on the stairs and could not be reclosed after going outside. The pet store cloth diapers required pads that bunched up and leaked around the edges. We are so thankful to Barkertime for making a comfortable and functional product!

    Annie Dalmatian in Barkertime Dog Diaper

    Annie Dalmatian in Barkertime Dog Diaper

    Annie Dalmatian in Barkertime Dog Diaper

  2. Kimberly R.

    We now have four Barkertime diapers for our elderly Pomeranian. We’ve ordered two more. They’re soft, fit well, absorbent, and washable. I close the Velcro on the diapers to prevent damage before I toss them into the washing machine. Though they can be dried in a dryer, I hang them to dry to extend the life of the diapers. We purchased other diapers. None have met our needs. These are expensive, but so was our carpeting.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I was beginning to give up hope—thinking that maybe a dogs body would not keep a diaper on? NOT SO! This diaper is amazing! I do not have to put the diaper on so tight that my sweet little blind, deaf, Cocker rescue ( dumped into a trash dumpster last summer ) is left uncomfortable. This diaper is the perfect fit. It is even snug ( but not to snug ) in the leg area.

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