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Perfectly hand-crafted belly bands for male dogs with urinary incontinence issues, excitable urination and behavioral marking issues. Each belly band is thoughtfully designed with multiple layers of protection, giving you peace of mind and your pet comfort during “messy” times. Available in hundreds of fun prints and designs for your stylish furbaby.

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2 reviews for Playful Dog Premium Dog Belly Band

  1. Tracy Perrine

    This product is Awesome! Fits great, doesn’t slip, twist or leak. My Doxie doesn’t even know he is wearing it!!!

  2. Jaxdoc

    There are several other similar products out there and I have tried all of them except the type that attach to a chest harness for security. Obviously this type of dog diaper is used for male dogs. Honestly, you cannot put any diaper on a dog that cannot be slipped off either intentionally or accidentally. Simply strangling the dogs thorax by putting it on ever tighter to try to prevent slippage is not a solution. So basically, coverage, size and comfort become the major issues. Barkertime makes the widest diaper with very high quality materials. This is nice because you get plenty of coverage and you can even place a doggie diaper inside of it (not within a pouch but it is sewn to almost have a nice hammock like area on the bottom) and it will not fall out. The velcro is very strong and placed in a way to allow terrific fit and comfort. The elastic appears to be very stretchy, strong and comfortable. When washing be sure to avoid settings on your washer and dryer that cause shrinking. I discovered this on my first wash but the quality was so good otherwise I ordered 5 more. I now use only warm H2O and lowest heat settings or hang dry. I have a 22lb Jack Russell who dribbles urine and occasionally at night has accidentally emptied his whole bladder. I’ve used the Barkertime re-usable liners which work well but for nighttime or when I really need to see color/volume then I use a disposable dog diaper which I cut the excess materials off of and simply cradle into the belly band. My dog wears a large comfortably and plays or sleeps in it great. At his height, if he runs under a coffee table when playing, it pulls the diaper rearward. If he walks he clears it fine. If he sleeps on his side and slithers forward to get comfy then it also can slip rearward. These are just things to consider and will vary depending on dog size and behavior. Overall it’s a very useable, beneficial, comfortable and well made product that I am very appreciative to have. It stays on better, fits better and is more functional than all the other brands I’ve tried and most importantly my dog doesn’t mind wearing it. That’s all important because the options for dribbling dogs used to simply be a permanent outdoor life or worse yet euthanasia.

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  • Perfect for male dogs with excitable peeing, territorial marking behaviors and urinary incontinence due to old age
  • Easy to put on with adjustable hook-and-loop tabs and soft-gathered elasticized edges for a great customized fit. Available in hundreds of prints and designs to choose from for your stylish furbaby
  • Four layers of protection: high-quality polycotton fabric on the outside, super-soft lining on the inside, super absorbent microfiber pad (absorbs 10x its weight) and a waterproof moisture barrier that is completely sewn on for maximum leakage protection. You will not get this kind of protection and quality from any other dog belly bands on the market
  • For EXTRA protection, use Barkertime reusable diaper liners (sold separately). Machine washable (Delicate cycle). Tumble or air dry only.
Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.

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