Thankful to Barkertime for making a comfortable and functional product

“Annie turned 13 today and is wearing a new Barkertime diaper to celebrate! She is a playful, active Dalmatian who oversees all activities in the household including being the pack leader over her younger Labrador brother who is twice her size. Before we rescued Annie she lived on the streets long enough to become ill and emaciated. We’re not exactly sure why but Annie has slowly lost bladder control over the course of the 10 years she has been part of our family. About 6 months ago we had to start using diapers all the time instead of just pads on surfaces. The disposable diapers came unstuck when she jumped or sometimes on the stairs and could not be reclosed after going outside. The pet store cloth diapers required pads that bunched up and leaked around the edges. We are so thankful to Barkertime for making a comfortable and functional product!”

– Laura E. (Albuquerque, NM)

dalmatian dog diapers