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Dog Diapers for Poop

How do doggie diapers work for dogs with fecal incontinence?english bulldog dog diapers that stay on for poop and fecal incontinence

Believe it or not, fecal incontinence is quite typical in senior dogs, and is one of the most stressful conditions for both pets and pet parents. Managing incontinence for your furbaby is not easy but entirely possible, and with the right diapers and pads, you can help your dog be around his beloved humans again in the house.

Fecal incontinence is often associated with geriatric problems as your dog ages, but it is also common among dogs that are paralyzed in the hind legs, or those that have spina bifida or spine injuries. If your dog has lost control over his bowel movement, you will find that diapers can be very useful and effective in containing the “mess” while giving your dog comfort and the freedom to be inside the house again.

Taking care of an incontinent dog definitely takes a lot of time, effort and patience. At Barkertime and our extended family, we’ve cared for dogs with fecal incontinence ourselves over the years and have helped thousands of pet parents from all over the world cope with incontinence issues in their dogs. We hope our experience can help you find the best solution for your dog and know that you’re not alone as there are many pet parents dedicated to caring for their furbabies despite all the challenges with incontinence issues.

Use Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall as a Cover-up to Keep Disposable Diapers On

Our diapers can catch the poop and will contain it, but you probably wouldn’t want to reuse a cloth diaper after it has been soiled with #2. Also, it is much harder (if not impossible) to clean a fecally soiled diaper. What we’ve found most helpful over the years, and what Barkertime customers have been doing to take care of their incontinent dogs is to use a disposable diaper to contain the poop, and use our diapers as a cover-up to help keep it on. With the Barkertime diaper overall on, no one has to know your dog is wearing an ugly white diaper! Everyone will compliment on how stylish your dog looks in our diaper overall. Disposable diapers are notoriously not designed to stay on your dog, so what good is a diaper if it doesn’t stay on and contain the poop? The diaper overall can help keep the disposable one on while making your pooch look so cute. Win win!

dog diapers for poop

One advantage of using disposable diapers is that it is convenient. Once soiled, you can just throw it away and the cloth diaper overall (which serves as a cover-up) is not soiled and can be used again without much washing. Many pet parents have told us this is the most effective and hygienic way to take care of their incontinent furbabies.

When your dog wears diapers, you should check frequently if the diaper has been wetted or soiled, and change it as soon as you can. You can stick one finger inside the cloth diaper overall (not inside the disposable diaper) to check if it’s warm or not. So your hand won’t get dirty. Most people change their dog’s diapers every 2 – 3 hours, but it depends on your dog’s “schedule” and how often he needs to release himself. With the disposable and reusable diapers set-up, changing diapers for your dog is a lot easier. Simply open the velcro wraps and remove the soiled disposable diapers from the cloth diaper overall. Use baby wipes to clean your dog’s belly and behind. Then, place a new disposable diaper inside the diaper overall and put the whole thing back on your dog. Voila!

Disposable Dog Diapers

We offer disposable dog diapers for your convenience! Our disposable diapers range from size XS to XXL so you can get the same size as your dog’s diaper or diaper overall and give your pooch that extra protection!

disposable dog diapers barkertime

Most pet parents tell us that incontinence in general, and fecal incontinence in particular, can be managed with the right diapers and most importantly, time and patience. It might sound daunting at first, but caring for your pup, or senior pup (still a pup!) is totally worth it.

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  1. Thank you for your help and advice. This is all new to me having a hospice dog. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She has been my light for 14 yrs. God Bless

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