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How to Train your Dog to Wear Diapers

Let’s make diapering your dog easier!

Now that you have decided to get diapers for your dog, but how can you make sure that your dog will be OK with being in a diaper? Just like the first time you put a collar or leash on your dog, he might not seem to like it and might even start to resist it whenever you try to put it on. As you find out, dogs are intuitive and smart animals and can learn to adapt to new things in their living environment. All they need is love from you!

Dogs that haven’t been introduced to diapers will naturally not like being in diapers at first. But dogs can be trained to do amazing things, and wearing diapers doesn’t take much. Dogs are sensitive animals and can recognize changes in their surroundings in amazing ways. In our own experience caring for senior pups and our collective experience working with customers with “Diaper Dogs“, we have learned over the years that dogs can associate diapers with “good things” and once they do, they will do as you please and won’t fight against the diapers. Some people make the mistake of putting diapers on their dog and leave him unattended for a long period of time as if diapers can eradicate all incontinence problems right away. Just as you wouldn’t leave your baby in diapers unattended for a long period of time, you shouldn’t do the same to your furbaby. When you first put diapers on your dog, you should stay with him, give him treats, and play with him for some time until he gets used to the new outfit. This is also a good chance to make sure that the diapers fit your dog comfortably.

Some customers told us that before diapers, they had to put their dog in a crate or a play pen because he can’t control his bladder or bowel, so when they’re able to diaper their dog, they can have their dog roam around the house again. And dogs love being around their humans (especially those that give them treats!). So if you give them the kind of encouragement that reinforces positive behavior, dogs will learn and accept the change. It is also the whole idea of positive reinforcement in dog training.

It is important to realize that just putting diapers on your dog will not solve the incontinence problem. Diapers are a useful tool which aids in caring for your incontinent pet. It makes cleaning up easier and keeping your pet cleaner. More importantly, it helps you be closer to your dog and gives him the freedom to be around your family again. You would still have to change diapers and shower your furbaby with love and care just as much as the first time you brought him home. Diapers are great aids in managing incontinence for your dog so you and your furry friends can have more time together.

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  1. I have a daschund that is med. size. Not quiet a miniature. He slides right out of wraps. What is best for him? He measures 17 long and 16 around the chest.approximately that is

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