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Why your cat might need diapers


Cat Diapers - Made in USA

Have you tried diapering your cat because your cat is spraying (urine-marking) around the house? Does your cat refuse to use the litter box and prefer to eliminate outside? Does your vet recommend diapers because your elderly cat has become incontinent and develop geriatric problems? House-soiling by your cat can be frustrating, but you can get help from specially designed diapers for pets so your cat can roam around the house again without leaving unwanted “messes.” Here’s how to find out if your cat is a good candidate for diapering.

Territorial Spraying

Most often, cats spray to mark out their territory by leaving their scent where they have visited in order to create a sense of familiarity. When spraying, cats don’t squat (as they would when urinating). Spraying cats release small amounts of urine while standing and lifting the tail. Cats usually spray on vertical objects such as a chair leg, or the wall. Though rarely, cats might even defecate as a way to mark territory. Cats also spray when they feel anxious or stressed by a change in their living environment. For example, when you bring a new pet home, or when there’s a stray cat in the backyard, or when you’ve just rearranged your cat’s living space or moved to a new home. Cats might even spray on you, the owner, or a guest, as they want to associate their smell with you. Diapers can help correct your cat’s behavior as not only do they contain the pee by absorbing it, they also also help inhibit peeing, so your cat will learn not to urine-spray while inside the house.

Mating Call

It is natural for unspayed and unneuteured cats to spray or piddle to communicate with one another and to assert their presence. Your unfixed female cat will most likely spray even more when she is ready to attract a mating partner during her heat cycle. Spraying is a female cat’s way of communicating with other male cats that she is ready for mating and breeding. If spaying your cat is not an option, putting diapers on your cat would help protect your floors and furniture during these mating calls.

Incontinence Due to Old Age or Other Health Issues

Many medical conditions that cause incontinence in your cat include urinary tract inflammation, diabetes, digestive tract problems, arthritis, dementia, blindness, paralysis, and neurological disorders due to old age. If your cat is diagnosed with these conditions, you may find that she starts having difficulty using the litter box to eliminate. Geriatic diseases can cause your cat to lose control of urination or bowel movement. Diapers can definitely help care for your cat by keeping the living environment clean so she can be part of the family again.

* As always, you should consult with your veterinarian to identify any potential underlying health issues when seeking care for your pet.


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